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Characteristics of the Moon

Today’s article presents an important celestial body which highly influences us – the Moon. This body is the closest one to our planet, and it is a satellite which goes through the zodiac like a race car, completing its circuit in less than a month. The Moon stays for approximately two days and a half in each Sun sign, and takes a total of 28 days to go through the entire zodiac. It rules Cancer and the Fourth House. As said before, the Moon touches us more deeply than any other planet.

Given that the Moon is the ruler of the tides – forever moving, forever changing –, it is almost like a nice metaphor that it also is the ruler of our emotions – just as changing as the tides of the sea. Our feelings and emotions have been described for centuries in terms linked to the sea: momentous, fluid, causing waves, and so on. The Moon influences instinct, mood swings, how we feel about certain things, and how others are affected by our feelings. If the Sun is the one that gives us our spirit, then it is the Moon that gives us our soul.

The Moon is been long seen as a goddess-figure; it symbolizes mother, and as such, the relationship developed between mother and child. This satellite, also called luminary, looks over the women in a person's life, and their “motherly” role: nurturer, protector. Pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth are ruled by the Moon as well.

We all know that our emotions greatly impact our day-to-day lives. Our feelings manifest themselves through our very own being, a state of things which involves the Moon and its power to change our emotions, making us energetic one moment and fragile the next.
As already mentioned in the above paragraphs, the Moon is responsible of our mood swings: we may laugh one moment and then start crying, we can be naughty or nice, up and down, and so on. The feminine energy of the Moon helps us we reconcile these varied and fluctuating emotions, so that we may make ourselves complete and one with the world.

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