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Characteristics of the Fourth House

Also known as the House of Home, the Fourth House is ruled by the Moon and by Cancer. If any person were to think of home, he or she will picture in his or her mind a place characterized by terms such as “roots,” “origins,” and “comfort.” It is at home that we lay the foundation of our whole being, grounding ourselves firmly onto the Earth. Throughout our lives, we always crave the peace and security that we have only experienced home. We eventually return to the same place, a cycle which the Fourth House completes by addressing endings, old age, and our final resting place.

However, the main focus and the strongest emphasis of the Fourth House are on the idea of home. The roots mentioned in the paragraph above make a home for ourselves or better said they turn the self into its own home. Because apart from the physical, external home – the brick and stone structure –, we are the home. Saying “I’m home” brings a feeling of peace and calm. This is due to the fact that by saying these words, the self becomes centered, one with the Earth. Any individual seeks to return home on a physical level and on a psychological one, for himself or herself and for those he or she loves. Our home is a sanctuary, a meeting place.

Everything that we are today is the result of the influences we have undergone during our first years at home. It is there that we integrate the self with everything that has come before us. The domestic space that we create nurtures and comforts us, keeping safe those dear to us. “Home” is also the sum of concepts and elements such as: family history, ways of being, cultural and societal norms, and so on. All these things are influenced by the Fourth House, along with our ancestry, heritage, and roots.

Our parents contribute greatly to creating a home for us. They are the ones who support and nurture us, shaping our personality and, after all, our whole being. It is due to this aspect of any person’s life that we may consider the Fourth House the House of the Mother or the Nurturer.

Now, if we focus only on the tangible, we may observe that the Fourth House rules physical structures (houses) and real estate. The House of Home stands for family, traditions, and history. Combining the physical aspect with the spiritual or the unseen one, we become a true and individualized self, and this illustrates in fact the process of how we come home.

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