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Characteristics of the First House

There are twelve Houses, each with its characteristics and with it own sphere of influence. The First House, also known as the “House of Self” and ruled by Aries and the planet Mars, is the home of the Ascendant. On a person’s natal chart, this represents the sign which was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of his or her birth. Interpreting this in a metaphorical way in terms of sunrise and fresh beginnings, we may say that the First House is spot of regeneration and rebirth.

Every new beginning in the First House is focused on the individual, hence the name of “House of Self.” It is all a matter of self, personal identity, and the journey of self-discovery which defines a person. If questions concerning your identity, your future, the process of becoming truly and fully yourself, etc. are an important part of your life, then know that the First House stands for the realization of a person’s ultimate potential. The whole process of developing into a unique individual contributes to the world in which we live, because by growing into great human-beings we also make the world a better place.

In general terms, when one speaks about the distinctive traits each individual possesses, these traits are referred to as “personality.” This concept is also correlated with the First House, given that the latter addresses the behavior and approach to life of each person. It is through one’s personality that one can share with others the gift of their own existence.

However, it is not only the inner self that is influenced by the First House. The outer self, the physical body, is also governed by this House, especially the face and the head. Another thing ruled by it is a person’s childhood and – to be more precise – the early years of this period. From the first steps we take to our first perception of the world, everything finds its roots in the First House. Things such as our development and our attitude towards life in general, are considered in this House.

To sum everything up, the First House is in touch with the person we’re becoming – not only internally, but also externally. It governs our personality with all its essential traits, our perception of the world, our approach to life, and sensibilities. The First House is all about the Self.

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