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Characteristics of the Fifth House

After talking about the first four Houses it is now time to refer to the Fifth one which is commonly called the House of Pleasure. This House is ruled by the Sun and the Leo sign. When we think of pleasure, we have to understand in a number of ways and not just the physical pleasure for example. We also have to take into account the pleasure resulted from activities such as reading a good book, holding a baby’s hand or watching a beautiful show.

One of the main ways to experience pleasure is by creating. This simple act of contributing with something to the world surrounding us is a means of giving a bit of yourself to others and thus making a change. Speaking of creating something, this includes procreation as well. The Fifth House influences children-related life aspects. Furthermore, this House rules the creation of culture and art. Answers to questions such as “Do I like this?” or “Does this make me feel good?” flow from the Fifth House.

If we take the concept of pleasure a bit further, we can perceive it as a more human-like entity with two faces: on one hand romance and on the other romantic affairs. Both of these are emotional pleasures and as such ruled by the Fifth House. Of course, not all aspects of pleasure are positive. For example, one may draw emotional pleasure from gambling which is also addressed by this House. It’s all about taking a risk that causes your blood to run faster, hoping for a pleasurable outcome. In fact, this is how the Fifth House operates: determines you to take a risk (smaller or bigger) in hopes of achieving satisfaction of some kind.

An important aspect related to pleasure and to the Fifth House is children. This refers back to the power to create since it is through our children that we create the greatest thing in our life: an extension of ourselves. Trying to give your child the best of anything and working hard for the child’s happiness leads paradoxically to a good deal of pleasure. Stimulating children emotionally can be done via music, art, dance, science, theatre, and literature.

To conclude, the Fifth House is entirely dedicated to the achievement of emotional enrichment and pure pleasure. Seeking to create, to contribute, and to give life – both metaphorically and literally – are all under the influence of the House of Pleasure.

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