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Characteristics of the Eleventh House

The Eleventh House is also known as the House of Friends, and it is ruled by Aquarius and the Saturn and Uranus. The saying “Strength is in the numbers” surely apply in the case of friends: it is through our friends, those who really care for us and who wish only the best for us, that we receive strength and courage, a kind of life force that helps us move forward.

Friends also represent the power of the collective, of the united group. The Eleventh House addresses groups such as organizations, networks, social groups, and professional associations. This House focuses on the activities in which we engage as part of these groups, and how we grow and change as result of the respective activities.
Moreover, by virtue of its collective power, the group shapes and defines who we are and what we do. Our interactions and efforts can greatly contribute to the betterment of our lives. Through our relationships we can enhance our lives, adding meaning and substance to our existence.

As we grow, more possibilities and opportunities become available to us, all of which are ruled by the Eleventh House. This House also addresses destiny or, to put it shortly, our dreams and hopes, creating a balance between what we wish for and what we want to achieve. The power of the collective, which we have mentioned in the above paragraphs, generates creative sparks that enrich us and help us make progress. It is by uniting our forces that we can create so much more. If we join forces with our friends, we can achieve a whole lot more, and also enjoy and share the fruits of our labor.

The Eleventh House also dictates what kind of friend we are: whether we help other or not, how we perceive our friends, how we interact with them, and so on. The factor which influences to a great extent with whom we become friends and what groups we join is our basic character, the “default” traits with which we are born.

The power of the collective, the strength of the group can change the world for the better. We often work together with our friends towards achieving a greater good, hoping to improve the world around us. This is, in fact, the power of our philanthropic side taking action, eagerly and selflessly helping others. Also, it is our humanity manifesting itself most effectively. Lastly but not least, the Eleventh House also governs foster children, stepchildren, and adopted children.

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