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Characteristics of the Eight House

The Eighth House ruled by Scorpio and by two planets, Pluto and Mars. It is usually called the House of Sex. As the name suggests it too, this House deals with relationships, unions, and interactions with another person.

Regarding the House's emphasis on sex, we inevitably think of orgasms. We can interpret this in one of two ways. First one: when a couple reaches that incredible state of communion, the two partners have to leave a bit of themselves behind or, in other words, they feel as if they died a little death. Second way: we may also interpret this union as a fresh beginning, growth, and the rebirth of the soul. Both partners gain something from this.

The Eighth House is places sex, death, and rebirth on the same level, and acknowledges importance of all three. Therefore, we may say that this House is an equal-opportunity one. It is a fact that we will all experience both death and rebirth as we fare through life; these births and deaths can have either a concrete meaning or a metaphorical one, so they can take one of the following forms: failed relationships that lead to new ones, changing your hairstyle, career changes, and so on. Each new phase through which we pass marks our regeneration and rebirth, and we should embrace each of these phases.

This House also deals with shared resources, such as taxes, inheritance, and insurance. The support we receive from another person also counts as shared resource, be it financial support, spiritual, emotional, or physical. Relationships have their own dynamics and they normally grow from within. However, our relationships aren’t characterized only by expansion; they are also limited by certain constraints, many of which are imposed by society. Basically, with every opportunity that comes our way, a restriction follows up shortly.

Staying on the same theme of transforming nature associated with the Eight House, rituals are highlighted. In every group of persons there’s a certain way of peering in, bonding, and getting familiar with the soul and the past of the respective persons. The way in which we manage our relationships, interactions, and rituals is of great importance in the realm of the Eighth House.

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