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Characteristics of the Aquarius

Eleventh sign of the Zodiac, Aquarians are endowed with the necessary social conscience required to take things to a new level and into a new age of development and innovation. People born under this sign are philanthropists and humanitarians, constantly seeking to make the world a better place for everyone. They are visionaries who invest quite a lot of time and energy into imagining how things could be improved. The good thing about their enthusiasm and energy is that they are infectious: they can easily engage others in their activities and dreams, reason why they have a large circle of friends.

The symbol of the Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Just like the latter shares the life-giving liquid, Aquarians gladly share with others their new ideas. They usually are gifted with an intelligent mind, so their thoughts and ideas tend to be ground-breaking. Inventive and original, Aquarians feel the happiest when talking to someone about a new plan, but they feel a whole lot better when others agree with it.

Water Bearers aren’t the patient kind – they can even be temperamental, especially with those who disagree with them. Their stubbornness is due to the fact that they have a Fixed Quality. Although Aquarians are generous, loving to give and to help others, they want to do it on their own terms. Generally speaking, individuals born under this Sun sign are compassionate and can easily empathize with other people. However, they are pleased to have things go their way.

The planetary rulers of this sign are Saturn and Uranus. While Saturn is the original ruler of the Aquarius, Uranus was discovered more recently and added later to this sign. Saturn was celebrated as the father of several gods by the Romans, while Uranus is the oldest of the gods in their mythology. Combined together, the energies of these planets form a strong, vibrant whole. Saturn is responsible for Aquarians’ need to be right all the time, and Uranus provides them their visionary spirit.

People may perceive Aquarians as quirky, and even eccentric. They enjoy anything that is new and rebellious. Their greatest asset is their creative and innovative mind. Due to their constant quest for progress, they take a big interest in technology as well – if you have a question about one of the latest gadgets available or about any next-generation technology, they will most likely have an answer for you.

Air is the element correlated with Aquarius, aspect which explains their intellectual endeavors. They come up with complex theories and scientific ideas, putting them in the service of humanity. On the same note of trying to help others, Aquarians believe that their unusual, original approach to things will eventually change the world. As one can tell, they are altruistic individuals who truly wish to make a difference, to contribute.

To sum everything up, the biggest strengths of the Water Bearer are their intellect, originality, and vision. Humanitarians by nature, they want to improve the world, to make it a better place for everyone. They rarely follow a path which has been created by someone else; instead, they like to leave their own trail where there is none.

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