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Characteristics of people who can't be trusted: Watch out for them

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust everyone? However, if the truth be told, we can't trust everyone. We love our family, but even our family members cannot always be trusted. Our closest friends might not be at all what they say they are. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when people show you who they are by what they say and do. The word "trust" simply means being able to rely on something or someone.

Below are some overt characteristics of people who can't be trusted.

People who don't keep their word are people who can't be trusted and depended on. Can you trust someone to pick up your child from school just because she said she would even though the last nine times she forgot to do so?

People who are habitually late are people who can't be trusted. Would you hire a person to open the doors to your business on time when you see him come in late to church and other events?

People say one thing but do another are people you should watch. While you are serious about something, you think the other people is serious about it as well. However, he is just talking without being intentional about doing something about it.

People who are indecisive are ones to watch. If they are indecisive about things that should matter to them, more than likely they are indecisive about things that matter to you.

People who gossip are definitely one who can't be trusted with confidential matters. If a person will gossip to you, that person will gossip about you. Don't tell your most confidential secrets to this person.

People who cheat more than likely cheat across the board. They cheat on tests, on their income forms, on their marriage, and on friendships. This habit might be transferred to others things they do. It is even worse when people cheat and brag about it. Don't trust them. They'll end up cheating you too.

People who are unorganized more than likely can't be trusted because they don't know how to organized and compartmentalize things of the heart if they can't do the same with their desks, cars, pocketbooks, wallets and closets.

People who don't read and obey God's word can't be trusted because they have no divine guidance to lead them into the right paths. They rely on their own foolish ways. Don't trust a person who has himself for a counselor.

There might be other characteristics you have noticed in people who can't be trusted. Pay attention to the above signs in the people you hang around with. Ideally, you can keep them accountable and help them change their negative ways. However, if they refuse to listen and are still not trustworthy, then the next best thing you can do is to "come out from among them," according to 2 Corinthians 6:17.