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Characteristics of Mercury

Mercury, commonly referred to as the planet of communication, is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. It takes 88 days for it to orbit the Sun. This planet doesn’t have masculine or feminine energy, but instead it takes the gender of the sign in which it finds itself at a certain point. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, and the Third and Sixth Houses.

In Greek Mythology, Hermes (Mercury later on in Roman mythology) was the white-winged messenger of the Gods. The symbolism has remained intact, and as it has already been mentioned in the above paragraph, Mercury is the planet of communication. This planet determines us to speak our minds, and it encourages us to communicate with others. Intellect and awareness are also under the influence of Mercury, along with reasoning and logic, our thinking patterns (how they are created and how we express them).

A Mercury-like nature brings to mind continuous motion and restlessness. Mercury is all about fastness: quick wit, quick thinking, and quick decision-making. This planet also rules opinions, possibilities, and the ability to rationalize things. Energy drawn from this planet can be either good or bad, but one thing is sure: it will certainly be electrifying. Mercury is the one that prompts us to move from one thing to the next in life, and to look for answers to our problems on both a physical and psychological level. Furthermore, this planet's energy is both perceptive and dexterous.

Much like Hermes’s mission in the service of the gods, Mercury is about short trips. Such trips include the daily commute to work, a visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, and a weekend getaway. Transportation in general is within Mercury's domain.

Among other things ruled by Mercury, we may mention writing, speaking, online communications, and learning. Basically, this planet pushes us to express ourselves as often and as true to ourselves as possible. When Mercury goes retrograde, however, our communications are challenged.

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