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Character driven animation on the web, 'Blik' delivers without words

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Can animated films tell an entire story accurately without one word being said?

“Blik” is an eight-minute character driven 3D animation short which uses minimal coloring, no distinct eyes lips, nose- there are no faces in this animation-no need. The story drives itself. The bulk of it centers on a boy who falls for a much older girl, that is neighbor. In essence the focus is on their interaction but what is happening in the background is so much more telling.

Why is the girl outside reading…as it rains? Why is there noise, or some kind of yelling coming from her apartment/condo? Who does the young boy live with?

These and other questions are embedded within this well told story. Polderanimation is based in the Netherlands.

This could possibly be the new era in film making. Another film which uses minimal words but is driven by characterization and emotion alone- is “Wall.E”, such a film promoted a message, used vibrant, colorful new animation techniques and was well told. This does not mean words aren't needed in films but that perhaps we are in need of our own interpretation of what's presented.

Kind of like being told a story and asking for our perspective on it.

Visit Polderanimation Studios online and view their awesome reel.

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