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Chapters of Love


How to merge with another, and not loose yourself… that’s what my next book is all about….Relationships, the ever fun, and ever elusive topic…so personal, so individual, so the realm that I LOVE to live and play in…LOVE.
To me nothing else is real, and love breaks down to everything that is good and real, like a sugar cube soaked with water, emitting it’s taste and sweetness and yet dissolving into you as if it had always been…though it stood singular for those few moments….and now it even creates a specific effect as it courses through our body…LOVE.

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”
C. S. Lewis

That affection starts within ourselves… that is truly what my entire first book was about “Art of Love” …looking at everything as love and our lives as malleable based on our actions, feelings, and thoughts. Well part two is about what happens when you surpass that, all of those boundaries and you are ready to melt into someone, else…something else… because you realize you can still let completely go as love, and retain your fullness… this dance, this balance we speak of …like the art of tantra that is often referred to by practitioners as “Walking the razors edge” it’s a fine line, and it’s magical, and it’s fun.
What could I write you? I think… in gratitude for this platform and all my beautiful readers who’ve awarded me the opportunity/title of being one of the top producers in Los Angeles, and in the country… love. It’s all I can say, it’s all I can feel… and I know that you are ready for it, without a doubt. That you are love, here now.

Do something great this weekend…. Whether it’s writing a piece, or creating some Art, or making those few calls that will take your business to the next level… dipping your feet in the ocean (provided you are some place warm enough) or just in your bath tub… and LOVE each and every minute of it, widely…fully, without fear of loss, and watch how that shows up in your life… watch also for my next book about relationships to come to pass fall 2014. Much Love

By Ashley Davene

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