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CHAPTER TWO: How to find a Great Man that Treats you like a Lady

If your man is supportive and loving, he is worth it. Don’t pass him up simply because he doesn’t hold every trait of your fantasy man. You won’t hold every trait a man thought up about his fantasy woman. This is life and that’s okay.

How do  you draw Mr.Right to you?
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Your goal to find a man who gives you most of what you need from a loving man instead of chasing down a man you cannot have or isn’t good for your health.

When you’re with the right man, you won’t find yourself fighting over petty things and you won’t feel like you’re not enough.

Many modern women have no problem succeeding in a man’s world but they are battling themselves when it comes to being a woman at home. The rest of this book is a list of things I have learned that good men want by listening to what men really want out of a wife and from my failures and successes in romantic relationships. May you find wisdom in these pages and may you share with your family and friends.

The List for Attracting Great Men vs. Shady Men

  • Women think they need to depend on people. Single men are happy single. It is freedom in their eyes. When single don’t cry and feel sorry for yourself, be happy to find yourself.
  • Be attractive and pleasant to attract a good man.If he gives you a reason not, you shouldn’t be with him.
  • Being a woman with an attitude will never make him marry you. You cannot withhold things to receive things. That’s playing games.
  • To get a man to commit, be worth the trouble. Be pleasant. Be attractive.
  • A woman who is pleasant is supportive. That’s a woman all men want to make wives.
  • A man cannot help to love a woman with a kind heart.
  • Good men are most attracted to independent and confident women.
  • Men love affectionate and agreeable women.
  • As a woman who has a back bone, class, intelligence and heart, he will love you more for being true to yourself. Women that hold these superior character traits bring greatness to the table.
  • Learn how to take care of the home. You’re not less of a woman for knowing, you’re more than a woman. You’re a superwoman.
  • Learn how to cook, because burning food is not attractive.
  • No man wants a dirty chick. Keep yourself and your home tidy.
  • Listen to what your man has to say. It makes him feel like a real man when you value his opinion.
  • Don’t make your partner feel as if he owes you something for being with him. No one wants a relationship with someone who makes he/she feel inadequate. Simply focus on standing out to your partner to prove your value. Be focused on your team achievements and not highlighting solely on your accomplishments in the relationship.

By caring for your partner, you will draw him more to you. Encourage him. Appreciate him.

Be in his corner. He should feel like he is the best man for you and himself. To encourage him, you need to know the rules of courtly love.

To court and be courted appropriately, you need to understand that love includes some degree of jealously. You cannot fully love or appreciate love if you cannot understand jealously in a romantic relationship. Jealously can make or break a romantic relationship.

Anytime your partner is jealous, you are not giving enough attention to the emotional needs of your partner. Flirting or about others more than you respect your partner is one of the biggest sins of courtship.

You have to understand that a man will not fully love you until he has reached an age of maturity to love. This age of maturity varies from man to man. A man matures through his life experience(not to mature at all). You have to motivate him to openly love you. You should never enter a long-term commitment with someone who you feel will shame you for a lifetime. Yes, cheating or mistreatment of any kind is an embarrassing choice of a partner. No one wants a relationship that includes cheating, verbal abuse or emotional abuse.

A man learns to love and value you based on your difficulty of attainment. Don’t make loving you easy on him. Show your worth. If a man doesn’t want you to the fullest, there’s always new love ready to do what he won’t do for you.

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