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Chapter books for kindergarten

The new school year is in full swing, and kindergarten students are already immersed in beginning reading skills. Sight words are a big part of beginning reading skills. Children have already been introduced to a beginning list of sight words to remember during the first few days of kindergarten. Sight words are to be memorized in that they are not easily deciphered by knowing phonetic sounds. Kindergarten students are taught to read by a variety of techniques, and sight words are an important part of beginning reading.

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Kindergarten students will be introduced to chapter books later in the year. Marilyn Anderson has published a delightful set of chapter books for kindergarten students that contain beginning sight words and sight words that will appear later in the year as children learn to read. The illustrations in each of these books are colorful, and the stories are ones that kindergarten students will easily relate to.

*"The Kindergarten Kids Color Everything Yellow" by Marilyn Anderson is a humorous story about the color yellow. The 12 easy to read chapters are filled with the color yellow. This book features sight words from the first list that kindergarten students will be introduced to. This list ranges from the simple with examples: and, the, is, be, to more difficult such as jump, again, and look. This book has an ISBN of 2940016209227. This books is available in an e-book form.

*"The Kindergarten Kids Go Green" by Marilyn Anderson features all things green. The story contains 11 chapters with sight words that kindergarten students will be expected to learn throughout the school year. This book has an ISBN of 2940016460789.

*"Kindergarten Party Play Date With first Grade Friends" will have your students laughing and wanting to discover whether or not the Bad Bunny will crash the party when kindergarten and first grade friends meet each other for a friendship party. This book in the series of chapter books by Anderson contains more difficult sight words that kindergarten students will encounter as the year progresses. This book has an ISBN of 2940149049431.

Check out these books to give young readers a good start in learning sight words and in learning to read longer books that are written in chapters.

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