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Chap Stique of Family Force 5 shares what he is passionate about off stage

Chap Stique, lead guitarist for Family Force 5
Chap Stique, lead guitarist for Family Force 5
Al Carcache

Derek Mount, known to his thousands of fans as Chap Stique, plays guitar in the internationally acclaimed band, Family Force 5.  His commanding, expressive presence on stage is as electrifying to watch as his soft spoken, polite off stage personality is calming.  During the Dallas stop of the Rock and Worship Tour we sat down to talk about some of the organizations he and Family Force 5 support.

Tell me about The One Love:

The One Love organization was started by our dear friend Jade.  She is very passionate about letting artists or writers or musicians contribute to a charity that is specific to them.  It isn't a charity itself, it's a website called and you can go check it out.  There's a lot of great writers, great musicians that are on there and every time you go to the page of the person's blog you want to read you will raise a certain amount of money for the particular charity they have chosen.  There's a guy on there that's son is autistic, so he has been very active with Autism Speaks.  My particular one right now is Blood:Water Mission which is an amazing organization that helps provide clean water to families that otherwise wouldn't be able to have any. 

The One Love is a neat community and it's mostly writers and artists that are passionate about something.  So, it's a neat site and has great blogs too.  They're usually pretty entertaining.  It's neat to see what everyone, for one reason or another, feels called to be a part of.

Why did you choose Blood:Water Mission?

I just can't imagine living without water.  I've never had any personal experience where it was extremely dear to me, but I've seen enough movies, documentaries, and news footage that made me very passionate about it.  The guys from Jars of Clay started that organization and I've always admired them and looked up to them when I was a kid.  I think the first time I heard about it was when Donald Miller was talking about Jenna, the lady who started it and living a good story and about what the story of your life would sound like.  He thought his life story was kind of boring.  Would it be only that Donald worked really hard, saved up some money and bought a Volvo?  Or, would it be like his friend Jenna?  Jenna saved thousands and thousands of people from death because they had clean water.  It started to make me look into the statistics.

How long have you been involved with Blood:Water Mission?

My wife and I have been pretty passionate about Blood:Water for about two years now. 

There's just so much out there that needs help.  Anything we can do to spread love and peace is what we are called to do.

There's just so much out there that humans need to work on, but what is beautiful are things like the internet and movies and art right now are able to make this viral type of awareness.

Every band has to choose what they are going to do with the attention people give them. Any awareness we can promote, generate, or point people towards is incredible to us.

In the past Family Force 5 has toured for heartsupport which helps people struggling with addictions. They've partnered with Make A Wish on a couple of projects. Derek says it is humbling that someone's wish is to open for Family Force 5.

How did you get involved with Free The Slaves?

It is beautiful how this church my wife and I go to out in California, Ecclesia, has so many artists that are making things and one day they had a viewing of a video that a lot of people in the church contributed to.  It was this amazing film called Call + Response.  It really inspired me, especially living in California, because there is a lot of slavery taking place.  It captured our hearts.  We went online to Charity Navigator to check them out and they had one of the highest scores you can get.  The more we've looked into it the more we've learned what a community it is.  They write blogs.  They bring speakers out.  They actually send videos of what they're doing.  The hope is to be able to decrease as modern day slavery is abolished. 

We live in Disney World.  We have no clue what it is to live like these people (that are affected).  I lived in an orphanage in Mexico for a month and it changed my life, the perspectives that these children had and the stories they were coming with changed my life in a great way.   

What are we going to do with this life?  Are we going to just try to get a whole lot of green paper or are we going to help someone live and help someone be free?

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Just sitting here talking about it is humbling.  It's cool, because we don't often get to spend this much time bringing attention to it.  My wife and I want to be consistently involved in humanitarian trips.  I think it's good to always get perspective, step into another person's world for a little while.  We always go with the mentality of "I'm going to help" and I think it is usually better for us than anyone else.  There is a strong calling with my family to try to do what we can.

Family Force 5 has a packed summer of festivals and a UK tour.  They will be back in Texas on August 7th at Rock The Desert in Midland.



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