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Chaos Breaking Out All Over the Middle East!

The Bible says; For when they say Peace and Safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as trevail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. This Bible verse may be very telling and prophetic in light of the things that are happening around the world at this very moment.

Just about one week ago, the fighting between the Palestinians and Israel was declared over as both sides apparently agreed to agree on a permanent peace agreement. Although nothing was signed yet between the two sides, there is evidence that they are working together to form permanent peace in the Middle East as the fighting and bloodshed has been replaced by diplomacy. But just as things were beginning to wind down between Israel and the Palestinians, after they had agreed to peace, the situations in Syria, the Ukraine, Iran and Iraq had begun to speed up.

Militant groups fighting the government in Syria took the UN Post which was on the border of Syria and Israel at the Golan Heights. War broke out involving the Lebanese Army. 43 UN Peace Keepers were captured and taken to an unknown location in Syria. At the same time, over 100 members of the Syrian Army were captured and executed.

Israel being alarmed at all of this happening on their border had called on the US for protection. And on that same day Barack Obama asks Congress to approve military action against the Islamist groups making threats to the US and closing in on Israel. Obama announced that the US is currently coming up with a plan to combat these terrorists.

While these things are taking place, tensions are soaring to new heights in the Ukraine. The European Union is reporting that hundreds of Russian troops have entered the Ukraine since Wednesday to help the pro Russian forces. In response to this, thousands of foreign troops and hundreds of tanks are now in the Ukrainian territory, ready to help the Ukrainian government as needed. Putin has moved somewhere between 4,000 to 5,000 troops into the Ukraine with 20,000 more still lined up on the borders.

And while all this is happening, Iran is moving forward full speed with their nuclear ambitions. So many things are happening around the world, they feel like there is no one able to stop them? Israel being concerned about the situation, sent a drone over the area and it was quickly shot down by the Iranians. Iran had said some time ago that Israel is a cancerous tumor and they threatened to wipe it off the map. Netanyahu had estimated that Iran would have the nuclear bomb by spring 2014, but the sanctions imposed by the US helped to slow down the process. Based on their actions and the fact that there is no one to stop their efforts, Iran continues to move ahead full force with their bomb making agenda for the purpose of wiping out Israel, and they will use the bomb, without a doubt, as soon as it is ready!

All of these things show that the tribulation is at hand. The Bible says when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction shall come upon them. This peace and safety was declared just one week ago between Israel and the Palestinians and look what has happened in the short time since then.

Bible prophecy is coming to pass and Jesus will soon come to rescue his bride, those people who have chosen to turn from their sins and follow him. Ask Jesus into your heart and turn from your sins so that you too may be saved from the things that are about to come. Ask him into your heart today!

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