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Chanting vibrating the brain Deepak Chopra and Jill Purce

It dissolves the boundaries, chanting. Every form has its own sound. Everything communicates with vibration, sound. When you chant your body starts vibrating the sound enters your body and into your brain cells.

Chanting vibrating the brain Deepak Chopra and Jill Purce

Sound mind and body

To be in tune, chanting a single note and allowing the throat to vocalize the sound is to be One, to be one with nature and with each other. To chant is to create a harmony between both the body and the mind. Schizophrenia is a disorder when the body splits from the mind. They are pulled apart. Half of your being is pulled into one direction and the other half of being is pulled in another direction, there is no harmony and nothing but mental anguish.

Chanting brings the body in line with the mind

The mind wants to dominate the soul, and the body wants to dominate the soul. When you are chanting the soul is able to slide out from their control and become the observer or witness. It is transcendental bliss.

Chanting is focusing inward, an engagement in contemplation, at the exclusion of all other ideas and forms. To chant is to gain control of the inner self. The subconscious is an integral constituent of the internal mind. It’s located deep in the core of the mind, it’s the center of emotions, creativity, behavior and imagination. Subconscious maintains good health. Conscious mind is known knowledge while subconscious mind is unknown knowledge. You can tap into this unknown knowledge through meditation, chanting, and yoga.

You are tapping into veiled inner realities of the inner self

  • Increase in productivity.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Increased strength of self-concept.
  • Reduced Anxiety.
  • More focus reduces multitasking.

Chanting allows you to put the conscious mind to the side and the hidden truths about you. Chanting is a cleansing tool physically and mentally through a heightened sense of control, concentration and relaxation.

Chemical changes in the body

The bodywide release and take up of information-carrying substances, known as ligands, travel through our extra cellular fluids and hook up with receptors and cells in the body. Once they attach themselves they can dramatically change our physiological functioning.

The science and conclusions are staggering

The vibration happens not just in your brain but in virtually every body part and system of the body. In the same way your everyday thoughts and feelings cause stimulation in the brain and also in the body parts and various systems of the body. The mind-body connection is real, and it is powerful. It’s the “shot heard around the world” in the health and wellness community this century.

When the brain circuit is energized

It depends on the chemicals. All experiences are chemical.

To further explain this, there is a story about a man who had two weeks for vacation a year. Sometimes he would come back on the 10th day and sometimes he would come back on the 7th day. His boss asked him, “What is the matter? You asked for two weeks.” To which the man replied, “My home is taken care of and run by a very ugly woman. My criterion for this is when I start seeing the ugly woman as beautiful. I run away. When I work in seven days or so I may see her in my dreams or begin to think about her, she is beautiful and I go home to her. So nobody knows. When I am healthy it happens in 7 days if I am unhealthy it will happen in two weeks. It depends on my chemicals.”

The real religious experience is no experience at all. Religious experience comes when everything known/unknown disappears and only the witness is left.

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