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Chanticleer: Independence, stars and stripes, of the garden variety

Chanticleer: Independence, stars and stripes of the garden variety-slide0
Kathy Martin ( Chanticleer Garden

Independence, stars, and stripes are each subtly demonstrated at Chanticleer, and in a most beautiful manner. Self-defined as a pleasure garden, this Wayne garden estate has an oasis site for everyone. Elegant, yet defiant to not conform to formality, this garden naturally displays its independence.

Flower stars and many stripes

Okay, the referenced stars and stripes are not of our noble flag of white stars on blue surrounded by red and white stripes. Rather, a sharp eye and creative interpretation is in order to recognize the numerous flowers shaped as stars, and stripes in leaves and other objects. A visit to Chanticleer in early summer will encourage your exploration for just how many flowers are as stars, and in what shades and hues. Stripes are apparent, everywhere, delightfully represented in the plentiful fern leaf varieties. Focus in on the variegated leaf stripes, as well as, simple parallel patterns such as the curl-top wrought iron fence around the water wheel. Stars and stripes, and independence of creativity, will focus your visit to Chanticleer in a refreshing challenge, if you are up to the task. Either way, it is a garden oasis.

Nature’s creations artistically presented

But what is Chanticleer and why is it, as it is? The name, chosen by Adolph Rosengarten, Sr., who with his wife Christine, chose to build their country retreat, here, in 1913. It seems the name is both a rooster, in verse narratives, as well as, a take from a referenced character, Chanticlere, of an 1855 Thackeray novel. This namesake “was mortgaged up to the very castle windows but still the show of the county”. Chanticleer was surely the show of the county in its day. Today, it is a luxurious garden estate with the rooster motif repeated throughout. Demonstrating signs of original skilled building and landscape architects, as well as, the clear focus of Chanticleer Foundation, the homes, buildings, gardens and woodlands are superb. The garden is estate is elegant, but not stuffy, grandiose, yet parceled into easily experienced bites of joyfully creative, resourceful gardens. A true show of daring independence, for such a classic estate, it is so refreshing.

Visit Chanticleer, Wednesdays through Sundays, car-pooling if you will explore as a group. Bring your camera or device to photograph all the stars and stripes waiting for your discovery. The soft paths under your feet may help keep your thoughts thankful and pleasant. Independence is freedom, it is therefore patriotically acceptable to appreciate our country’s independence in showy parades of flowers and woodlands free to grow a little wild. Wear bright colors, Chanticleer plans to do so for your visit.

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