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Chantel Jeffries: Justin Bieber's girlfriend who was with him during arrest

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Chantel Jeffries is Justin Bieber's new girlfriend, and they were out together on Friday when Bieber was arrested for drag racing and DUI, according to an Inquisitr report on Friday. Chantel Jeffires and Justin Bieber have been spotted on the Miami club scene in the recent past.

>>> Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing and DUI in Miami Beach

Chantel Jeffries is a model who is said to be the pop singer's new lay friend since he and Selena Gomez are no longer an item. Reports indicate that the two are somewhat of a volatile mix with the law as they tend to have an attraction to danger when they are together.

Where he was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez has said that Bieber puts everybody's lives at risk to try to get a cheap thrill. He continued, "That's unacceptable behavior and he was arrested for it." Miami Beach Police Detective Vivian Hernandez added that his DUI charge is going to be a combination of alcohol and narcotics.

There are allegedly videos of Bieber in a drunken state, swearing at some of the officers.

As far as Chantel Jeffires is concerned, she is reportedly a "serial celebrity dater" who has dated many of the most famous and fortunate guys around these days. Recently, she has been spotted with Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles and P Diddy Sean Combs' son Justin Combs.

Reports are saying that she took drugs with Bieber before the arrest occurred.



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