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Chantecaille class demystifies makeup brushes

Chantecaille makeup artist Carmen Beyer applies makeup to a model.
Chantecaille makeup artist Carmen Beyer applies makeup to a model.
Rachel Lewis

Chantecaille makeup artist Carmen Beyer says it came to her in the middle of the night. Years in the beauty business and countless makeover sessions into her career, Beyer identified a void in the market. Many of her customers came to her with questions regarding makeup brushes, from how to apply makeup properly to routine brush maintenance. As a result, Beyer began offering brush classes at Neiman Marcus Fort Worth, giving women the opportunity to learn makeup brush basics in a relaxed, educational atmosphere.

Last Thursday and Friday Beyer held classes in the store. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own brushes for hands on learning and practice. While the class enjoyed refreshments, Beyer discussed the Chantecaille brush collection, describing and demonstrating each brush’s features and uses in simple terms. The collection includes powder, foundation and concealer brushes, in addition to an array of eye shadow and liner offerings. Chantecaille places great emphasis on protecting the environment, and this mantra is reflected in the brand’s brush collection. Different brushes are made from different materials, but many are natural fibers like soft goat, boar or pony hair. One sweep with these brushes and the difference between natural and synthetic fibers is obvious.

A few brushes of note:

Kabuki Brush: This goat hair face brush is an excellent blending tool, and can be used for loose powder or bronzer.

Eye Definer: Beyer referred to this long tapered brush as the “windshield wiper” brush, as it is used in a back and forth motion over the eyelid crease. Simply stroke the brush from the outer corner to the inner corner over the crease to create depth.

Eye Brow Perfector: Small and dual ended, this brush both creates a natural eye brow finish and works well in blending color.

After discussing and demonstrating the uses of each brush, Beyer went on to cover brush maintenance. She says it is natural for makeup brushes to shed, but when shedding and breakage becomes excessive, it is time to replace. However, proper care can extend the life of a brush up to five years. In order to keep brushes in peek condition, washing regularly (once per week or so) is essential. Hair shampoo will work fine, just be sure it is gentle and non-alkaline. Gently massage the brushes with the cleanser, rinse properly and lay horizontally to dry. Chantecaille’s Pure Rosewater may also be used for cleaning, as rosewater has natural anti-bacterial properties. Bobbi Brown and Clinique offer cleaning solutions as well. With these products, spray on a tissue and blend the brush in the tissue so the fibers may absorb the solution adequately.

Upon completion of the class, attendees walked away with an excellent understanding of how get the most from their brushes while extending the life of their investment.

Neiman Marcus Fort Worth is located at 2100 Green Oaks Road and is open Monday – Saturday 10 – 7 and Sunday 1 – 6. For additional information on the beauty departments and events, visit’s the store’s website.

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