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Channing Tatum is one 'fappy' fellow: Tells Ellen why he's so 'fat and happy'

Channing Tatum is "fat and happy," or as his wife calls him "fappy!"
Channing Tatum is "fat and happy," or as his wife calls him "fappy!"
Ellen DeGeneres Show

Channing Tatum was a guest on the "Ellen DeGeneres show Thursday and his weight gain wasn't easy to hide. Tatum's days of "Magic Mike" are over for now and he is enjoying time with his wife and eight-month-old daughter Everly, according to the New York Daily News Feb. 6.

The once buffed up Tatum was the first to say that he's "fat and happy" today as he is enjoying some "down time" after working for two years straight. His wife even has a name for his new look and demeanor combined. He is "fappy," which is short for "fat and happy," he explained.

Tatum started this conversation about his weight when Ellen said she expected him to take his clothes off. This was a play on Tatum's famous role of "Magic Mike" where he played a buffed-up male stripper. Tatum said to Ellen, "You definitely don't want that right now." He then started to tell her how he's been dubbed "fappy" by his wife.

While it was apparent that Tatum had gained some weight, he really didn't look like a person you would call fat. One thing he did look like though, was a very happy man so half of that "fappy" dub looks about right!