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Channing split rumors: Are Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan getting a divorce?

Channing Tatum
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rumors are flying that Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan are getting a divorce. This actor and his gorgeous wife are doing just fine though regardless of what you are hearing today. On Wednesday, Gossip Cop shared that this is a rumor and there is no truth to it at all. There is no reason for fans to believe that they are done.

The original report came out on Star magazine. They have been known more than once to make up fake stories. It is a great way to sell magazines but it doesn't get them a lot of fans. Their report says that Channing Tatum has been drinking and partying too much and that their 3 year marriage is over, but that is not true. They are still doing just fine.

Reps for Channing and Dewan are speaking out about it and saying that this is a total lie. Their marriage is fine and it is disappointing that someone would make up fake news like this about this happy couple. Fans are glad to hear this news.

Now Channing Tatum did leave his wife for a short time though. According to UP Roxx he will be on a new show that Bear Grylls has been making that will air this summer. It is called "Running Wild With Bear Grylls." Channing only left his wife for a short time to film the show.

Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Ben Stiller are all going to be on this show. Deion Sanders, Tom Arnold and "Today" anchor Tamron Hall will also be on the show. They go out into the woods for 48 hours and have to find a way to survive. It will start airing on July 28 on NBC. There will only be six episodes of this show unless it has a huge following and they decide to make more later on.

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