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‘Channing all over your Tatum’ has the Internet buzzing

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel knows how to make a video go viral. What started out as a joke during the Oscars post-show actually turned into a hot song and even hotter video.

“White House Down” stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx wrote a song about Channing Tatum’s name called “Channing all over your Tatum.” It seems harmless enough. The song became an instant hit; so much so that Kimmel had to do a music video and feature it on his show.

That episode can be watched online on ABC.

The video is absolutely hilarious and features cameos from Gabourey Sidibe (“Precious”), Matt Damon, Olivia Munn and Miley Cyrus. Jimmy also has a part in the video and it’s clear he has no idea what “Channing all over your Tatum” actually means.

You can watch that video on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube.

After you watch it you will see just how catchy the song; it will grow on you. The video is definitely LOL material.

So what does “Channing all over your Tatum” really mean? The definition is given in the video – warning – it is a little sexual.

Did you watch the video? What did you think?

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