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Channelled message from Selena

Here's a great affirmation or mantra to start our day!
Here's a great affirmation or mantra to start our day!
Here's a great affirmation or mantra to start our day! Google Images

Dear Readers, since 1987 I've been working with an extremely energetic guide named Selena; in fact, she contributed material to my newest book, Spiritual Toolbox, including a meditation exercise designed to help us access the Akashic records. Today I am turning this column over to Selena, who has channeled a message about our vibrational levels and positive/negative energy:

Greetings my friends, it is an honor and a privilege to speak with you today. My work is primarily with vibrations and the transforming and transmuting of vibrations on planet Earth and other planets as well. In this regard, I am, in a way, tuned in to what is happening in your dimension and it is this subject I wish to speak with you about today. It is clear that thanks to your efforts, changes are happening on not only a 3D Earth level, but also that these changes are affecting other planets and dimensions as well.

Energy comes in two forms, it is positive and it is negative. Negative energy does nothing to help us move forward; while even a tiny bit of positive energy goes a long way towards raising vibrations and allowing you and those around you to experience a much better day. Positive energy is like a flame and people are drawn to your positive energy output like moths to a flame. Be a flame and exude positive energy today, and watch and see the reactions of those around you. You will help yourself and others at the same time.

As one individual or group of incarnated souls takes action that increases the frequency level, it changes your planet, but it also has a positive effect, energy-wise, on the universe as well. This speaks to the immense power that you wield and are largely unaware that you have. Each positive action, no matter how small, has a ripple effect that, like a table of dominos falling into each other, affects the energy level of all beings on Earth and beyond.

Remembering who you are while you’re incarnated on Earth is difficult; remembering the extent of your power is even more difficult. Know that you are well-loved for undertaking this difficult journey, and know that we are always with you.

We'll have more channeled messages from Selena over the next couple of weeks. Namaste.


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