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Channeling your Spirit Guides


Channeling may seem like a psychic’s rite, but everyone is capable of doing it. Opening our third eye, hearing those voices in our mind, listening to our inner self, these are things that can be learned.

Awareness is Key

To first know that we are capable of it and to have the right support are paramount for our psychic development. Our spirit guides are there to help, they have been with us for a long, long time and their only wish is to impart wisdom and embrace us in our time of need. It is when this connection is strengthened and nurtured that we can utilize our guides to help us reach our full potential in life.

Making the connection

Meditation is the very first step in connecting. Not everyone must meditate to channel, but for so many it quiets the mind and allows us to hear those very soft voices, our guides. There are many types of meditation and once you find the one that works for you, there is no telling how far you will open up.

Visualization is a universally simple way to meditate. You may visualize yourself with a light coming down from your higher self through the crown chakra and moving through you down into the ground. As this light expands within you, your body and spirit will be filled with ancient wisdom, energy and love. Imagine this every day and your perspective will slowly change as if looking through a prism. 

Your heart’s desire

When you get in touch with your inner knowing, your heart’s desires and your destiny will become clear. You will know why you are here and what you were meant to do in this life. Your path will be visible and you may walk in with confidence, knowing you have a band of supporters walking with you.


Once you begin to listen to your guides, your mind letting go of ego and those concepts that make up the illusion of your reality, you will see what blocks hold you back from stepping into your full potential. As your eyes open and the voices carry, your inner self, your spirit, the Higher You will reveal itself. It is here that you will begin to manifest your dreams.