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Channeling and the Law of Attraction

A 13th century Italian manuscript Bible with exquisite illustrations. Inspired?
A 13th century Italian manuscript Bible with exquisite illustrations. Inspired?
AP Photo/Akira Suemori

The difference between a leaky roof and a water faucet is the best analogy I’ve ever heard comparing psychosis to channeling. One is incredibly annoying, the other incredibly useful. For most people in the scientific community, the idea of hearing voices or communicating with people who “aren’t there” has only one explanation—and it usually involves medication. In the religious community, talking to God is accepted much more than the other way around. If people do claim God or Jesus talks to them, it’s usually in a symbolic or emotional form, not a discussion like you and I might have.

For a scientist, it is much easier simply to give credit (or discredit) to the person purporting to channel. Religions also have a long history of abuses “in the name of god,” so many cringe when someone purports to act in His name or with His authority.

For me, it’s simply the quality of the material.

Is it enlightening in the areas I know something about? If so, I’m willing to give consideration to the source in areas I cannot validate myself. All of us have similar reactions to people we consider wise. As we get to know them and see their wisdom in areas we can confirm, we are willing to let them guide us to unfamiliar places.

The original version of the movie, The Secret, was inspired by the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks channels a source she has chosen to call Abraham, a source which has identified itself as a group of non-physical—but very much alive—personalities.

The Secret initially conveyed two unfamiliar, even radical ideas: that we create all of what we experience with our thoughts, and that we can have a direct, conscious communication with non-physical personalities. While the original version of the secret generated a great deal of interest, when it was whittled down to only one striking idea, it took off.

There is no mention of Esther Hicks or Abraham in the “expanded” version of the Secret—no mention of her by any of the participants on the Oprah show, even though a number of them had been getting regular recordings of the Abraham material. Oprah had Jerry and Esther Hicks on her radio show and made it clear that she believed her TV audience was not ready for someone to talk to a personality who “wasn’t there.”

I agree.

However, it is impossible to fully understand and use the Law of Attraction, without taking into account our personal connection to what people often refer to as our Soul or Inner Self or Holy Spirit. This connection is often experienced as intuition. We just “know” something to be true or right, even though we can’t logically prove it. This is similar to experiences we all have in dreams, where we simply know things about a situation we’re in, without being aware of a process of learning them.

Channeling is giving a voice to this intuitive connection.

However, since the non-physical doesn’t have the usual dimensions we’re familiar with, it’s tempting to fill in the blanks with our own symbols. Christians may assume received wisdom is coming from Jesus or God. A Native American may say it is from his or her ancestors. Scientists may simply think of it as a brilliant idea. Esther Hicks calls it Abraham.

I like to think of it as inspired thinking.

All translations, whether from one language to another or from non-physical wisdom to spoken wisdom, are colored by the translator. When something fits with our way of thinking or uses symbols we’re familiar with, it “feels right” to us.

Many people believe the Bible, Torah, and Koran, and other spiritual texts are inspired works. I believe originally they were.

From my experience, the simplest, most meaningful explanation is that we do have access to the wisdom of the universe, that consciousness does not end at physical death, and that personalities, both in physical and non-physical form, wish to share what they know.

I have also seen tremendous distortion in the knowledge that has been passed on about the nature of reality. The criteria I look for are the same as I would from any religious source: Is the message uplifting? Is it non-judgmental? Does it speak to the questions I want answered? Does it present a reality based on love or fear?

If it meets these criteria, then it doesn’t matter how much is a blending of the individual or greater consciousness. We are all constantly experiencing such a blending. Those who are more skilled can increase their awareness of their inner connection. And when they do it really well, we call it channeling.

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  • Asandra Lamb, Spiritual Guidance Examiner 5 years ago

    John, for someone who has been a full-time trance channel for 26 years, I appreciate your criteria to understanding channeled material. It is indeed the quality of the information that authenticates it. When I first saw the original CD for "The Secret," it had Jerry Hicks channeling. The words of Abraham through her where the most powerful of all the information conveyed.

  • John Waddell 5 years ago

    Asandra, thank you for your comment. I have found the Abraham-Hicks material to be the most meaningful for me, because of my interest in helping people gain mastery over their life experiences.

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