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Channel 11 Barbecue List Misses the Mark

I came across a list of barbecue restaurants that Channel 11 news recently published. The list claims to have have the best barbecue restaurants around in the Houston area. However, there were a few problems with this list. For instance, the list included Rudy's Country Store Barbecue. Honestly, if the list is going to include restaurants such as Rudy's, then the list should include places like the Buccees chain of fuel stations or Valley Ranch Barbecue. Also, the list is lacking a key barbecue restaurant that has been in the Houston community for decades. The missing link in this list is none other than Pizzitola's Barbecue on Shepherd Drive. The list is also missing places that serve more nontraditional barbecue like Barnaby's Cafe.

The list is clearly not a comprehensive look at the barbecue that the Houston area has to offer.

As always, Happy Eating.