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Changing your life through affirmative prayer

Affirmative prayer involves a deep awareness of your unity with the Presence and Power of God. When you develop a deep understanding that God’s good is ever present and abundant, you can change any personal life situation that you find undesirable or any area of life in which you are experiencing problems.

This philosophy of affirmative prayer has been handed down to us from Science of Mind founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes.
There are five suggested stages for practicing affirmative prayer:

1. Recognition. The first step is recognizing that God is the ultimate Presence and Power in the universe. You come to a greater understanding and awareness that God is the Source of everything in the Universe and in your life.

2. Unification. In the second stage you accept that you are One with God. You are not separate from God. You are a part of God.

3. Realization. Knowing that you are One with God; you come to the realization that you can create positive experiences in any area of your life because God’s Presence and Power is within you.

4. Thanksgiving. In this stage you acknowledge and accept that the good you desire is already present in your life and express gratitude that your affirmative prayer has already been answered and accomplished.

5. Release. In the fifth and final stage you release your affirmative prayer to God without concerning yourself about how your good will manifest. Just go about your life and act as if whatever you want is already present in your life. You just let go and let God take care of the results.

For more in depth information about affirmative prayer there is a wonderful workbook called You Are the One by Mary M. Jaeger & Kathleen Juline.

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