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Changing Your Diet Now Can Save Your Life!

There is a hidden life threatening danger out there and it is found in our food, in just about everything that we eat. Its a toxin known as trans fat.

Trans fat was developed in 1911 and has been around since the turn of the century. It is the byproduct of the hydrogenation process that is used to heat oil while inserting metal to create a thicker consistency with a longer shelf life. The first product introduced using this process was Crisco shortening. But manufacturing has come a long way since that time and just about every food business finds it necessary to preserve food in some way. As all food manufacturers are continuing to adopt this practice, trans fats are found in just about every editable item sold in the store. But along with this rise in the use of trans fats in processing, there is also a rise in sickness and disease among those who consume these products. This covers most of the population of the US.

In just about every disease known to the modern day man, scientists have been able to trace back the origin or the cause to trans fats being in their system. Diseases like high blood pressure, many forms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, clogged arteries and different diseases of the brain, including mental disorders, have all been traced back to these trans fats. Learning and behavioral problems in children have also been traced back to this culprit. The government and manufacturers know the danger, but yet they continue to produce these products.

Just about all cooking oil has been processed using this toxic method to increase shelf life. But there is one oil that may be considered even worse then all the others combined, and this is canola oil. That is because the seeds used to make the oil must first have to be stripped with a toxic chemical before it can even be processed, making it even more deadly.

Trans fats in foods like potato chips have trouble breaking down in the body, therefore it stays there longer until it is either eliminated or turned absorbed into the body as fat. When the body absorbs this fat, cell structures that are designed to protect against defenses change, rendering them weakened or useless, causing immune deficiency issues. The kidneys and pancreas have trouble breaking down the plastic like substance, so it is released into the blood supply and is responsible for scaring artery walls. Good cholesterol is sent to repair the damage, but over time, the artery becomes clogged.

This oil is also responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. As the oil coats the mouth, the saliva and even toothpaste has very little defense in breaking it down. As a result the oil properties can stay on the teeth along with the food particles consumed with it. The oil along with salt and sugar combinations , hardens, especially in between teeth, resulting in tarter formation which is difficult to remove. That is why the oil in candy may be one of the worse culprits when it comes to teeth.

Fast food, has high levels of trans fat because the oil is used in frying. That is why children who eat out a lot, tend to be obese with health issues. Because of the ingredients used, the food is hard to digest so it is also high in calories. But how do we know which foods contain a lot of trans fat, and which ones to avoid?

Prepacked food comes with a label and it tells you have much trans fat is used in the product. But you can get a pretty good idea just by looking at the consistency of the item. Anything that has been fried such as potato chips, would most likely contain it. Baked items such as cookies, creamy textures such as peanut butter and margarine. Highly processed food such as cheese slices, lunch meat and hot dogs all contain trans fats and preservatives.

One of the early symptoms of too much trans fat is unusual tiredness. Catching symptoms early on, and changing eating habits may help to reverse signs and the onset of diseases. For healthier options, lunch meat could be switched to sliced turkey. Fried chicken can be replaced with red meat and fish. Chips and cookies could be eliminated and replaced with organic fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables and fruit can also aid in cleansing the body of these toxins. Since this toxin is known to deplete levels of vitamin E, fish oil tablets and multivitamins will help in getting the body restored back to proper order. Also drinking plenty of water will help rid the body of toxins along with exercise.

The body needs oil in order to function properly, but only a small amount is required. This is the natural oils found in nature such as what you would find in unprocessed red meat, poultry, fish and nuts. Pure and natural olive oil is a great alternative when it comes to cooking and for salad dressing. Pure butter, is a healthy alternative to margarine and shortening.

Taking these simple steps in changing your eating habits, will go along way and could even save the lives of you and your family. Doctors are making way to much money to let the public in on this secret. The fact is that changing your diet now, may be all that is needed to reverse the onset of disease, especially in children. It doesn't cost much and will most likely be beneficial in the long run. In any case, it is definitely worth the try as the benefits are a much greater reward!

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