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Changing tides in astrology

The last few days have been a time when you might have felt as if you were in some kind of whirling eddy of energy and maybe wondered, “Am I losing it?” If that is the case, you can find some of the answers here. When I first began this column two days ago, I felt like my mind was open to 10 different channels at the same time. Then I looked at my Ephemeris, and saw why that might be. On Wednesday, May 28, Venus changed signs, and is now in Taurus. On Thursday, while I was traveling, Mercury, the planet that reigns over all forms of communications, changed signs, and is now in the watery realms of Cancer. The Sun is in the second, very-Gemini decan of Gemini, and the Moon has been in Cancer, also water, since Friday. With the very watery and air energy mixing it up, it’s no wonder that we might be feeling highly energized. The Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are in Cancer, Saturn is in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces. The Sun is in Gemini and Mars, in direct motion, is in Libra. It is no wonder that it has been a little difficult for some of us to get grounded or feel like we have a grasp of earthly matters.

Air energy heightens our senses and activates our minds and lives. Watery energy awakens all the dreamy, subconscious, illusory energy that sparks our creativity, imaginations, and desires for beauty, romance, and pleasure—in whatever areas of your lives these planets are transiting. The energy of the collective is so strong that it is difficult to escape the sense that everyone seems to be full of energy and desire. And then Venus leaves the fire-ruled sign of Aries and enters earthy, grounded Taurus. The longing to ground ourselves in the ‘lovely’ is strong, and now should be a highly creative time, if you can channel some of that energy and get focused. If you find yourself unable to concentrate, then simply be present to the energy within and around you and allow it to inspire, energize, and fill you with the beauty of life. Listen more, observe and take in the beauty of others, and simply let yourself feel what it feels like to absorb the that which in fairly intangible, mystical, and inspirational.

The Sun at 11/16 Gemini has entered the 2nd decan of Gemini, increasing the potency of Gemini’s energy. Ideas fill our minds, and our emotions are energized by the Moon in Cancer. Mercury just entered Cancer as well, sending emotions and all forms of communications into the watery realms.

1st quarter square on Thursday with the Gemini Sun forming a square to the Virgo Moon at 15/6 degrees. Whatever we began on the New Moon a week ago, now begins to show it’s first signs what is working and what is in need of adjustment. Gemini spurs us to use our ideas, thoughts and creative imagination in ways to bring unity to diversity and chaos, however this may be harder to do with all the active energy. Absorbing what is meant to be absorbed into your being, consciousness, and experience is one way to approach this time. Enjoy who you are and where you are, and especially appreciate those whom you are with.

Mercury is in Cancer from May 29-June 17. At the end of this week, on June 7, Mercury enters its retrograde phase (June 7-July 3). This can be a period where you may be needing to deal with a bit of confusion, miscommunication, delays, or mixed messages (within and without).
Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and Gemini and when Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 7-17, it is a good time to nurture yourself and those around you. What is it that feeds your soul? What have you been needing to do or eliminate to be healthier in body, mind, emotions, and spirit? We need to understand that any choices, decisions, or new paths we may opt into require that we have an integrated approach to looking at what we choose. Reflect on the past, and make choices that help you avoid getting into relationships, experiences, jobs, or any other choice that brought you heart ache and grief. Honor choices that allow you the freedom you need, and nurture your soul as well as that of the other—whatever the other may be. Remember the expression, “the past is prologue”, and avoid repeating poor past choices.

While Mercury is retrograde in Gemini from June 17-July 1, we will have the opportunity to look at past choices, and will no doubt find ourselves reflecting, dreaming, or re-meeting—in actual meetings or memories—the past that we have outgrown or left behind. On the 19th of June, the retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun and at that time we may be reconsidering an old friendship, romance, job, or experience. Be aware of how you may have changed, grown, or developed, and make choices with your own happiness, health, well being, and future in mind as well as what others need or require from you.

Venus will be in Taurus from May 28-June 23, and Mars continues in its journey through Libra where it’s been since last December 7, 2013 until this July 25, 2014.Venus in Taurus will put us in touch with what it is that grounds us practically in what grounds our ideas about romance, love, desire, and pleasure in the practical experiences of daily life. Between now and the end of July, we can become more aware of what is best for us, and may make better choices about how we want to direct our lives.

The larger and more distant planets have transits that are much longer than the inner planets, the Sun, and the Moon. Therefore, the effect of their transits are more long-lasting and cause deeper and more transformative changes not only in our personal lives, but in the collective life and activity of the whole planet. Keep in mind, as you study astrological movement, the following long-term trends. And these are the transits that affect everyone. There are also long term transits going on in your own life, and it would be helpful to learn something about those. For example, every 28-30 years, Saturn makes a significant transit in our lives. While the moon’s transit of 2 1/2-3 days is somewhat fleeting, the longer transits affect whatever area of our lives they pass through for much longer times and in highly significant ways.

Saturn continues in its transit through Scorpio (October 5, 2012-2015), and will meet with some interesting counterpoints in terms of energy. Where Saturn has been weighing us down in some periods of it’s heavy journey into the underwater and depths of our psyches, we may now feel quite a release of energy, and feel able to lift up out of the heaviness that Saturn has brought to us. Depending upon where Scorpio falls in your chart/life, other aspects are balancing the learning that has been bringing you to places where you have learned so much about yourself.

Jupiter in Cancer from June 25, 2013-July 16, 2014 continues to move through our lives lifting us up and making us appreciate those simple creature comforts that make us feel at home with ourselves and others. We may feel better able to deal with issues, challenges, and relationships in the areas where Jupiter and Cancer reign in our lives. Sometimes Jupiter has us feeling we are capable of more than we can handle, but use the energy and optimism to build plans, create space in your life for letting dreams come true, and let yourself enjoy life a little more than you might ordinarily do.

Uranus which has been in Aries since March 11, 2011, continues to surprise, shock, and jolt certain areas of our lives with its unexpected news, opportunities, and upsets. So much is determined by our ability to roll with the punches when Uranus surprises us. If we are so set in our ways and expect life to turn out according to plan, we may feel ourselves upset and edgy. If we can come to understand that whatever comes or goes in our lives is meant to teach us something of value—about ourselves and our resiliency and/or about others and their devotion or lack thereof. Uranus strikes at areas of life in general, where something is ready to be eliminated,uprooted, or brought to the surface. Uranus’ long journey in Aries is a fiery road, and the sooner we get accustomed to the energy that shows up as actions meant to shake things up, the better our experience during this long transit will be. We can really benefit by learning that life is dynamic, and our lives in particular, are fluid, every-changing, and growing. Learn to enjoy the surprises.

Week of June 1-7, 2014.

Sunday, the Moon in the final degrees of Cancer and the first degrees of Leo. Dreams may have been intense and full of symbolism and activities to highlight what needs to be done, to show how you are meeting or not meeting your own and the needs of others, or how you may be seeking security in ways that are not necessarily in line with the reality of others.

Monday. The Moon in Leo makes some aspects to Chiron, Venus, Neptune, and Mars before sextiling the Sun in Gemini.

Tuesday. Sun quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever changes need to be made in order for our lives to move forward in the direction we are working towards, now need to be discerned. Whatever comes up, or has come up recently, allows us to remember what we need to do to be, do, or create what we desire. Pay attention to the signs, messages, opportunities, or inner discomforts that signal the need for changes. Look to the house/part of your life where these the Sun and Pluto are calling for and setting off change.

Wednesday. Venus sextile Neptune (6:15 PDT/9:15 EDT) lends a sense of creativity, imagination, and beauty to whatever we are engaged in. This is a time when we can gently approach those we are with, and spin beautiful and mystical dreams into reality in playful, joyful, and loving ways.

Thursday. Sun sextile Uranus
“Sun sextile Uranus. We are willing to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations. It's a good time to join organizations and groups and to attend meetings or social events, as these can be enlightening. We can find creative solutions to problems now and effect positive changes. Flexibility is the key to success under this influence.

Friday. Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn. Red tape, re-doing tasks you thought you finished, problems getting from point A to point B, delays in communication, negative thinking, hyper-sensitivity and criticism. on Friday.

Venus quincunx Mars Friday and Saturday lends to the feeling that we have to choose between two opposing forces/sides/options. Avoid allowing yourself to act impulsively or as if you had to choose between two options. The energy of the either/or feeling may challenge you to feel like you have to act, when in fact, you don’t. What may arise as a result of this aspect is the awareness that there are great challenges between what you feel and need in romance and love relationships, and what your partner or choice of partners want and need.

Saturday. The Venus and Mars quinqunx continues into Saturday, spotlighting differences between what we need and want, and what we have. Misunderstandings and feelings a loss or lack, may highlight this into the weekend.

The Sun starts the month in Gemini decan 2 which is ruled by passionate Mars. This is a passionate aspect, and will manifest as a strong sense of the romantic chase and the passionate dynamics between partners and within all types of romantic relationships. Where we have misunderstood the nature of certain attractions, we may now become more acutely aware of what desires we may have and what desires others also have.

Venus which just entered Taurus, is moving toward an opposition with Saturn in Scorpio. This is a testing aspect, and not only will our patience be tested but also our willingness to stand in our own truth will be challenged. This doesn’t happen until next week, but will be building up, and the roots of some pretty challenging oppositions and obstacles will begin to arise this week. Notice what is going on that could lead to more interesting struggles later, especially when we’re dealing with any type of love relationship, partnership, or marriage. This is a very passionate and down-to-earth period of pleasure and revelry, so be sure to enjoy the energy of life and life-affirming enjoyment. As tempers and passions heat up, be sure to find ways to cool off and channel energies.

June’s Highlight.

Something that is rather spectacular is the star, Betelgeuse, the famous bright red star in the shoulder of Orion that is currently transiting Gemini, at 28/45 degrees. Betelgeuse is part of the constellation Orion, and is one of the most easily identifiable constellations in the night sky. With three stars in a row with the sapphire blue Rigel at Orion’s foot, Orion is probably one of the most easiest constellations to recognize in the sky. In ancient Egyptian lore, Orion is equated to Osiris, the chief god. The Greeks version of Orion has him as the counterpart to Artemis, the huntress. Orion stalked Artemis, and she grew tired of this, and placed a scorpion near his foot to keep Orion away from her. The blue star, Rigel at the foot of the constellation, symbolizes the scorpion—that which keeps us in check of our more shadow-like impulses. What negativity we send out, comes back to bite us.

Beteguese, the bright red star on Orion's’ shoulder, is a 0.5 magnitude star, giant, red, and aggressive. While it can represent brute and volatile power, it also represents great worldly power and strength—the kind of strength that doesn’t need to be acted out as it’s appearance is intimidating on its own. es worldly power, great strength and success. Some interpret this star to represent military force, and some even indicate that it represents violent tendencies. A regal star, representing great power and authority, Betaguese, it equates to the Egyptian god, Osiris, and the Fool in Tarot. It represents the masculine principle, and themes that revolve around the use of power and energy (self discipline, strength, control, leadership, hunting, creation and destruction). The shadow side of Betaguese is the misuse of power as represented by power struggles, political intrigue, war, and deception on the collective level, and spiritual blindness, coarseness, over inflated egotism, and other negative personal attributes. Orion, depicted in mythology as the Hunter Warrior, has the capacity for both good and evil. The challenge is how do we use our power, energy, and strength for the betterment of all. Do we engage in the search for spiritual goals and victory over our lower urges and desires, or do we give into our weaker impulses and needs? Do we search for Truth, or give into disorder and illusion? Because of the power inherent in each of us, we have to choose and pray that those in leadership positions opt for, using their freedom, potential, passions, and energy for the good of all. We too have the choice, regardless the size of our realm of influences, to use our own power for the betterment and spiritual health of both ourselves and others, or not.
When we feel tempted to give into an offer, opportunity, or choice that seems too good to be true, we need to discern what the underlying motivation and intention is behind the options before us and those who offer.

What holds Orion in check is the Feminine principle, represented by the Scorpion who stings his foot. The process of refining our use of power falls into the realm represented by this constellation. We learn how to move from the early discovery of our talents, skills, energy, and power to the exploitation or misuse of power. Through the mistakes we make in our perceptions, use of power, and experiences and relationships, we learn and gain greater wisdom and understanding of who we are, what we are capable of doing/being, and how we are here to love and serve others as well as achieving our own goals and living out our dreams.

Watch to aqsee how this area of your chart, 28 degrees of Gemini, is affected during June, and near the Sun’s final degrees in Gemini later in the month. Aspects and transits are dynamic, buidling up and waning in influence and intensity. It is important to get away from the idea that if an aspect happens on a particular day or at a particular time, that something should or should not happen. The process is much more subtle than that, especially with the effects of the larger planets. Enlightenment is a process and our perceptions and experiences are being shaped all the time. When we become more aware of what is going on both within us and around us (affecting other people and the planet itself), we become more aware and tuned into the natural rhythms of life. Living with a practice of presence and mindfulness is crucial to being tuned in and in balance.

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