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Changing the Way You Think about Making Money

Making money requires a complete overhaul of the way you think about money. Don't care about making money? Cool.

I’m going to assume you'll appreciate the mindset needed to retain the money you earn, as well as, impart knowledge how to make more money.

What I’m writing isn’t golden nuggets to fast cash. No such thing exists. This article isn’t about getting rich quick. I'm not listing websites where you can make a quick buck either.

What I am writing about is worth its weight in gold. I hope you continue reading because if you do, you’re well on your way to making money or preserving your hard earned money.

The key component of making money is finding the root problem why you can't make money. As a financial expert for 15 years, experience tells me you’re the problem. Yup, “You’re the problem.”

“What the f#%*did you say?!” You reply.

Making money or failing to make money begins with you. It begins with a desire, will or dream to achieve more than what you’re achieving right now. Let me repeat. You have the ability to make a lot more money by removing the fear of failing.

Recognizing Your Achievements
We each contribute to society in some facet. I’m a regular guy. I graduated college with a master’s degree, enabling me to obtain a managerial position with the county, as well as teach college courses.

I'm blessed my wife doesn’t work in the traditional sense but cares for our children on a full-time basis. By the way, her job is much harder than mine.

I own a home. And although I didn’t graduate from a US News and World Report “100 Best University, " I own two paid off cars built in the last decade and have very little consumer debt.

Why put my business out there? So you understand how money management and the perception of money can positively change your life.

The only thing separating you and I is time and experience. So you don't have a degree or high paying job. So you don't a own a home and are riddled with consumer debt.

What you have is two hands, two feet, two eyes, one mouth and a mind to generate money. I'm doing exactly what I write in this article.

I'm taking my passion (writing) and turning pennies and dimes now into hundreds later on in life. I'm writing and self-publishing books, creating websites and freelance writing. I’m taking "free" skills and turning them into income generating opportunities.

You have similar abilities and skills.

Making money isn’t a diet pill you can buy over the counter, wait a week or so and experience the results. Making money requires you to think differently about money and time. Celebrities, trust fund babies and people with money don’t work for money. They make money work for them.

What Society Teaches You about Money
As you sit there contemplating whether to believe this next statement, think about this, how do you view money? Do you struggle from week to week, paycheck to paycheck? Do you long for material things, a home or serviceable car?

You deserve the finer things in life. You deserve to live well, that’s the America way right? Unfortunately, the closest you may ever get to acquiring money is standing in line to cash your paycheck.

I mean no harm saying that. I want to impart my experience and wisdom into your money making endeavor.

You need a job to lay the foundation to build whatever empire you seek to create. You need income to effectively operate a business, if business ownership is your meal ticket to riches.

I see too many businesses start and fail in the first few years because they lack skill in money management. Many take out business loans to infuse money into the company but end up finding themselves riddled with debt.

You want to make money. I know you do. Who doesn’t want to make more money? You want time and money in the palm of your hands. I know because I do. But it isn’t going to happen by sitting in a chair reading articles such as this one.

I’m thankful you’re reading this article because I’m earning money. The point is, thinking about doing is thinking, it's not doing. The secret ingredient to making money is working harder than anyone else.

Invest your time now for the payoff later. Imagine working in a passion for 30 years what sort of money you might earn? Imagine investing time into small goals toward that passion and not in front of the TV?

You have the power to make money; you must believe it to be.

The reward of making money isnt in the result of more money but in the attainment of knowledge, which is information others will pay for.

If you want to make money you must become fearless, risk-adverse and willing to step out of your comfort zone. You must create a vision of where you want to go.

A handful of people run this world because they make billions of dollars. Why is that? What do they know or do that we don't know or do?

Theoretical Steps to Begin Making Money
I applaud you for reading this article because this is heavy stuff. You may sit in your seat wondering if you should listen to me or not. Let me ask you this, is what you’re doing working out for you? Are you where you want to be monetarily? Are you creating multiple streams of income?

I’m not wealthy. My net worth is somewhere around $560K. I’m not rich by society’s standards. Matter of fact, I’m in the lower percentile of income earners. Thankfully, I know something most others don’t; I understand how to take a talent and make money with it.

Make more money, a ton more by changing how you think about money. Make money work for you. Find a passion, work on it while receiving compensation. Perfect it. Once perfected, find others to do it for you and repeat.

What do you want to do for the rest of your life? Don’t go searching for “How to make money” articles online because you’ll find a plethora of ideas. As sure as the sun rising tomorrow, you’ll fall into the “Get quick rich” mentality.

Making money isn’t about getting rich quick. It’s about getting rich slowly by accumulating knowledge.

The Internet is a powerful tool. It’s neither bad nor good. It brings together people. Thus, utilize its power to work for you. Move away from quick rich schemes and begin digesting passion-filled strategies that will stand the test of time, economic recessions and the never-ending voice in your head telling you, “This won’t work.”

Making money is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Listen to the wisdom of this 1,000+ word article and I’m certain you’ll begin making money far beyond your perceptions.

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