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Changes to the Genesee County Animal Control

Genesee County Animal Control
Genesee County Animal Control
Anita Thomas

In past years the Genesee County Animal Control was just a place to leave your unwanted animals in hopes that they would be adopted out to good homes. Their so called shelf life was approximately 2 weeks. In fact, I remember as a child going with my parents many many years ago in search of a new pet. At that time I was to young to realize just how much these animals have endured before ending up at Animal Control also referred to as The Dog Pound.

Three years ago I returned to check out and possibly adopt a new dog for our home. It was so disturbing to me to walk into such a depressing place and seeing such sad animals. My heart sank and I left with no new pet for our home. I later adopted a great new addition to our family at the Genesee County Humane Society, it is a no kill shelter and the pets are very well cared for.

In the last year several changes have occurred within the Animal Control of Genesee County, thanks to the following groups: Friends of Genesee County Animal Control, GRACE Genesee Residents for Animal Control Evolution and Genesee County Animals in Need of Homes and Rescue, all of which are non-profit organizations helping to raise awareness of the animals housed at the shelter. These groups have changed the way the Animal Control Shelter now adopts and humanely treats the animals sheltered there. It was there efforts in an online voting poll that helped them win the 2013 Pedigree Feeding Challenge, providing food at no cost, allowing the shelter to focus on more important issues, finding homes for these beloved pets!

In July 2013 the Shelter issued a temporary no-kill policy, in hopes of allowing more animals to be adopted. No word as to when the no-kill policy will be lifted. Recently (Aug. 7, 2013) commissioners passed a resolution to seek proposals to allow non-profit organizations to help fund the shelter, since the city of Flint and Genesee County are strapped for money. These proposals still have to pass the commissioner before any of the proposals are approved. In 2011 GRACE was asked to develop a proposal to privatize the Animal Control Shelter, as of yet nothing has been determined.

When looking for a pet to adopt, please remember to check out the Genesee County Animal Shelter/ Control located at 4351 W. Pasadena Ave. Flint. Mi. 48504.