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Changes to sample decks announced starting Magic 2015

Now with more cards than are even in boosters.
Now with more cards than are even in boosters.

Five years after the reinvention of core sets as we knew them with Magic 2010, Magic 2015 is taking some bold experimental steps as well. All in all, the changes seem aimed at making core sets more exciting for experienced players, such as the recently announced revamp of how sample decks - those free 30-card affairs aimed at people who have never played Magic before - are made.

The biggest change is the fact that there will be "extra" reprinted cards in these decks that won't be in the set proper but will still be Standard legal. The extras are nothing format shattering but still worth getting a sample deck for in some cases for pure nostalgia value, as they include some classics that it's simply nice to have in the new card face. One concern for new players is the relative strength and appeal of the cards, particularly the rares, as Mark Rosewater has confirmed "[R&D] were picking flavorful and power appropriate cards from Magic’s past. There was no attempt to have them match or balance in any way."

In any case, the non-special cards are confirmed as reprints in Magic 2015; and there are also a number of new card names (for cards not yet spoiled) among the decks:

  • Nimbus of the Isles
  • Research Assistant
  • Chronostutter
  • Witch's Familiar
  • Festergloom
  • Borderland Marauder
  • Shaman of Spring
  • Hunter's Ambush
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