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Changes at Riverside Harley Davidson.

here is Shawna giving out free ice cream.
here is Shawna giving out free ice cream.
Donald Kline

Since November 2013 when Riverside Harley-Davidson took over from Skip Fordyce a few changes have taken place over the last few months such as there an event or promotion of some sort every weekend, there might be a pancake breakfast on the first Saturday of the month (this has become a regular event) or there might be a theme weekend based on the current holiday coming up such a Mardi Gras or Cinco De Mayo.

Riverside Harley Davidson sign as seen from Indiana Avenue.
Donald Kline

Speaking of themes there is now a schedule of Bike Nights with themes such a Muscles and Mullets, Disco Bike Night and Margaritas and Senoritas.
Those people who have attended some of these Bike Nights and weekend events might have noticed a group a ladies in attendance running the games and interacting with the public, they are known as the Harley’s Angels.
The bike nights do have a different feel to them in that there are no outside vendors setup on the from lawn but on the other hand they do have bands such as the Harliss Sweetwater Band and Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom perform at their bike nights. And there are games including the tricycle wienie bite contest which is always good for a laugh. The burnout contest at the end of the night is a popular event.
Some other changes include more inventory of motorcycles, the dealership say they will take anything in trade actually anything with a VIN is fair game although I did see some wheels and very nice large toolbox taken in as a trade in a few months ago.
The layout inside the dealership was changed to a more opened space with the motor clothes counter moved over to east side instead of the center of the building.
I have notice also a larger media presence I’ve seen ads and reminders in emails, social media, text messages and Radio ads. I have even gotten a phone call on upcoming events at the dealership.
Now that warmer weather is here one event that does seem to bring riders into the dealership is the Bikini Bike Wash with the Harley’s Angels. I noticed a crowd by up by the entrance watching and the line to get a bike wash ebbed and flowed at the day went on, in fact one Saturday an extra canopy was put up so more bikes could be washed and if anyone has any ill will towards the Angel there is usually one or two guardian angels present.

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