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Change your status to save the relationship

Getty Images/John Foxx

The internet is unavoidable. Our entire lives depend on it to shorten the time to research a topic or converse with friends. It has the same impact in the dating world. As “how we met” stories shift from bars to dating sites, the ability to meet a compatible match has increased drastically, but this accessibility comes at a price.

In the unimaginable pre-internet years, confirming the significant other status depended on that brutal conversation, “where is this going?” The confirmation today is the relationship status change on a networking site. When this doesn’t occur, it leads to paranoia and insecurities. The dreaded lack of the relationship status change means one thing, “we met online and you’re keeping your options open.” When any acknowledgment of the couple fails to surface on one of these sites, it leads to the other feeling ashamed of and confused.

Bringing up this issue can be utterly embarrassing. It appears to be a ridiculous detail only high school students would demand, but if two people meet on a dating site and one continues to appear on the site while you’re in a relationship, the other transforms into an investigator. We forget how the other person is feeling in the internet world after the relationship has grown in-person.

To alleviate this issue, openly proclaim you’re deleting your dating site account. Leaving it open and visiting it regularly will only cause you and your partner to lose faith in the connection you’ve created. Announce a relationship status change with pride and don’t be afraid to mention your partner in updates. This will build trust and longevity. If you’re reluctant to do any of these things, you will be viewed as a cheater. You should be proud to be with this person and if not, you should remain single. 


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