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Change your shave with Bevel

Bevel Shave
Bevel Shave

Sophisticated men should only shave with a sophisticated shave kit. The new Bevel system is for the guy who takes his morning shave routine very serious. Great for men with sensitive skin and coarse hair, Bevel is a monthly subscription that contains six shaving products.

Foursquare pioneer, Tristan Walker, created Bevel when he realized that the grooming market lacked a modern shaving alternative for men of color.

Each 30 day kit contains a sleek chrome plated double edge safety razor, priming oil, badger hair shave brush, shave cream, restoring balm, and 20 replacement blades. Every 90 day continuity kits are available thereafter containing new razor blades with refills for the priming oil, shaving cream and restoring balm

A Bevel six piece starter bundle is $59.95 and $29.95 per month for a continuity subscription.