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Change your peak time on I-70 and win some prizes

Change your peak time... seriously.
Change your peak time... seriously.
I70 Corridor

We’ve always been big advocates of avoiding I-70 at peak times. For the past 20 years or so we’ve made it a point to leave early to go up, and early to go back down. We’ve noticed that on the weekends, where we could leave at 7 a.m. 20 years ago, now we have to leave by 6:15.

It’s the nature of the beast as the Front Range has grown significantly over those 20 years. The irony is that people who came to Denver to leave the rat race brought the rat race with them with their rat-racing, tailgating and other big-city nonsense. Oh well. Best to avoid as many of the rat racers as possible.

Anyway, I70 Corridor and CDOT are hosting a Take the Peak Time Challenge for a chance to win a free weekend at Keystone Resort. All you have to do is post a photo and a couple of sentences to about how you avoided peak traffic times (1-7 p.m.).

There are also discounts at restaurants and locations in the mountains so can find a place to stick around at in the mountains instead of driving.

The challenge runs through March 20. Winners can get a free night stay at a hotel, ski tickets, dinner and more. A list of discounts can be found at