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Change your fitness routines to change your fitness results

Mix things up with Kickboxing
Mix things up with Kickboxing
Photo by Sue Austin, Austin Images

Fitness plateaus can be show stopping frustrations in regard to your fitness progress.

A fitness plateau, be it with weight loss, strength, speed, or endurance gains could simply be defined as an extended season of time when you have stopped making the fitness progress that you so desire (and deserve).

Your hard work is not in question and you have even been diligent with nutrition. Still, you may come up short to where you want to be due to a fitness plateau.

You have continued to place a high value on your health and fitness goals. Making progress is what you do. I understand individuals who simply wish to "maintain" their current status. However, most Boot Camp Examiner readers are interested in making regular positive gains or improvements in their fitness. Embracing a stubborn and lasting fitness plateau is just not in the game plan.

Here's the good news, these plateaus are a natural part of fitness. Your body will become increasingly adaptive to the physical stresses you are placing on it. Do not be surprised by a fitness plateau knocking at your door. In fact, expect it. Just do not establish a long lasting relationship with it. Kick it to the curb.

Mixing up your current routine is an excellent way to press through a fitness plateau. Change the way you move. Challenge your body in ways that you are not accustomed. For many, Kickboxing has provided the change needed to shake up their nagging fitness plateau. I suggest that you find a professional, qualified kickboxing program near you and pour yourself into it.

Here's more good news. A new kickboxing program has recently begun in Chanhassen. Local Boot Camp Examiner readers and friends now have the chance to train with me at Gorilla Combat in Chanhassen, MN. My Phase I program will introduce the basics of Kickboxing and self defense. Your hour long sessions will keep you moving and revved up, meeting three times a week (M, W, F @ 10:30am) for four weeks. To sign up contact me here in the comment section or call


Even if you are not able to join us at Gorilla Combat, leave your comments here in regard to your experience of how you broke through a plateau barrier. We would all love to hear what worked for you.

"Do not do more than you should do. Do not do less than you can." TWSC

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