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Change your belief system and you can change your life

Wading Pool in Cullman Alabama
Wading Pool in Cullman Alabama
Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2013

We already know that words have power, that thoughts produce actions, and that our beliefs can sometimes lead us to make destructive choices.

We sometimes think that all our mental strains or stress are related strictly to a psychological issue. That is not always the case. There are times more than not, that our lives are disrupted due to spiritual issues. Spiritual anxiety and stress. As a spiritual being who's connection to God or a Higher Power has been disconnected or put on hold, we will find we are suffering in more areas than one.

The mind, body, and spirit are all connected within one vessel. Here on Earth that vessel is the human body. When we have struggles within one of those areas most likely you will find issues with all three.

With Belief Therapy we work to heal the soul and the spirit through prayer and healing of our spiritual beliefs. The things we believe can control us and wreck our lives if we allow those beliefs to control our choices.

Belief Therapy based on the same principals used in Addiction and Recovery treatment is a Bible based, faith based therapy used by Ministers, professional therapists, paraprofessional healers, and Christian counselors.

The process of using Belief Therapy is to assist in establishing a healthy emotional and spiritual relationship with God and with others.

In turn when we have a healthy spiritual connection to God we will soon see that our body and our mind will follow suit. We will be healthier physically. We eat a better diet, we exercise on a regular basis, our sleep patterns are better and we are more rested. Mentally we are more alert, our thought process is clearer and our choices are in line with our moral values and ethics. In other words, we make better choices on life's decisions.

Belief Therapy is a wonderful form of therapy that actually works on all three, mind, body, and spirit, and is based primarily on the premise that we are what we think we are, and we believe the things we think are true, which in turn causes maladaptive and destructive behavior. This is not just on chemical imbalances in the brain and the body. It's a thought form issue.

If we think about all the times we've said, “God help me, show me what I need to do”, or “Lord, I can't do this anymore, please show me the path I need to take”, and “Father forgive me for doubting you, I love you Lord”.........Think about it. Do you remember the reply you received. You did have an answer you know.

Was it wasted on those chaotic thoughts and beliefs that your on your own and no one cares? We are who and what we think we are and we believe lies that have been told to us since we were a young child.

Will you let those immature lies that controlled you as a child control you and your choices as an adult? Alcohol and Drug addiction is a disease. It is a life long battle to stay clean and in recovery and it is a life long journey to changing your maladaptive beliefs and making new ones.

Light that fire deep within that has always been there and share that spark with others. Help change your beliefs so that the choices you make in your future will help write a new future, a future filled with productive choices and love.

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