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Change was for the worse-we need to reverse

President Obama did not bring the change he spoke about. What he did bring was division, strife and polarity. He didn’t do it alone, oh no. Harry Reid has done an about face since he became a “career politician”. Reid pushed for auditing the Fed but now he praises it as it pushes our Country over the fiscal cliff. That’s “no budget for me” Reid.

Obama extending unemployment-again
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Is Reid Obama’s only strongman? No his axe man is Nancy Pelosi. She shunned the Constitution, separation of powers with one act in forcing Congress to pass a 2,000 page bill without reading it! If any of our Founding Fathers heard that they would have torn the government asunder before allowing such an act of treason. The Obamacare act was done on Christmas Eve-a sin too?

Why does Congress have the lowest approval rating of all time? President Obama isn’t far behind, after all he and his cronies have been pushing the ultra-liberal, shall we say Socialism on us. After all why did he go out of his way to shake hands with Castro? Did he agree to his terms or is he just looking for lessons? We didn't ask for any of what he's been giving-it's been rammed down our throats. Today he's extending unemployment. That fits in his master plan of high unemployment, minimum wage jobs so the 40% can support the 60%. Not the America you grew up under huh?

Moderate Republicans like Peter King don’t deserve to be in office. Rand Paul is one of the few that deserves to represent the people. Jeff Flake deserved to stay as a Congressman but now as a Senator he’s falling in line with McCain the warmonger-who desperately needs to retire.

Why were Ambassador Stevens requests for additional security in Benghazi ignored and now denied by then Secretary Hilary Clinton? Why has the administration continually been hiding the facts? Now Secretary of State Kerry will be in Israel asking them to make concessions. So now we’re siding with the Islam nations?

The changes in our federal government here and abroad since Obama has taken over are simply frightening. The certainty that he’s an Islam atheist only compounds matters for those that love our country-to see it going down from the inside. IMPEACH before it’s too late.

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