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Change up your workouts with cross training

power exercises for cross training
power exercises for cross training
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Gillette

It's always a good idea to add various types of exercises together, from time to time. Mixed Martial Artists and other professional athletes involve themselves in cross training activities regularly. It helps them to gain a physical advantage in competition. Cross-training is a safe and effective way to train. Using just one set of muscles repeatedly can increase your risk of repetitive injury. Keeping cross training in your routine can keep you injury free. Your body will not get time to adapt to this style of training. Cross-training will keep you primed to different activities, so your body doesn't get lazy doing the same thing day after day. Also, cross-training activities are great cardiovascular workouts, they can build your cardiovascular endurance similar to running. For example; you can weight train one day, then the next day do sprints. Play basketball, then next day do a body resistance exercises and so on. Mixing up various exercises and altering your routine from time to time will not only keep you motivated but will give you a fuller total body workout. Have fun with your workouts by cross-training your body will appreciate the results.