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Change the way you deal with change

One of many detour signs this summer in Newport News.
One of many detour signs this summer in Newport News.
Kim Edwards, taken with HTC One

From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.

Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”

Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

Matthew 16:21-23

Do you think maybe Peter felt a little let down by the revelation Jesus shared with the disciples?

The disciples had been with Jesus 24/7 since he called them to follow him - teaching and performing miracles like rock stars in the midst of huge crowds. Was all of that coming to an end? What would become of them when Jesus is gone? Would they go back to what they were doing before?

Certainly, every person will feel disappointed through a change of plans at one point or another in their lives - some more than others. Maybe it will be a change of plans from a plan you wholeheartedly supported to a lesser plan. Maybe a person will back out of an agreement, leaving you holding the bag with egg on your face.

Change is difficult to handle sometimes, but there is a way to deal with it, and verse 23 gives us a clue as to how.

"you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns."

As believers, the Holy Spirit dwells in us, but this does not mean we always make right choices. Our choices are influenced by our human failings. And a word of caution, as Jesus makes us aware, Satan is always ready to jump in and influence us as well, when we feel let down and discouraged from changes in plans.

Sometimes when we experience a change in plans, we react in a way that has been in our blood since we were four.

"I'm taking my toys and going home."

When you experience a change of plans give it to God instead instead of acting out. Ask him what your next step should be. God orders our steps for a reason, and when we follow the steps, it is for His glory. It's time we set aside "merely human concerns," and begin to have in mind the concerns of God.

Back to Peter - I wonder how he missed the end of the sequence of events when the Lord would be raised to life?

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