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Change the immigration law: Current costs are excessive

If 90,000 illegal children need to be returned home by airplane to a central American nation as Jeh Johnston anticipates by September, that would be 90K x $210/ticket = $18,900,000. That is far less than $3.7 billion. So, Congress needs to address the problem with a cheaper legislative fix.

Illegal children
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images
  1. Kids from Central America entering the U.S. illegally get an immediate flight back to the home nation for local disposition. There should be no extensive due process in the U.S.. That should be administered in the source nation.
  2. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador or whatever nation that permits children to be exploited as they are now should get a decrement from foreign aid, or some form of financial sanction against government leaders to deter such irresponsibility.

International badges of disgrace should be awarded to Presidents and their nations:

  1. Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras
  2. Otto Pérez Molina, President of Guatemala
  3. Salvador Sánchez Cerén, President of El Salvador

The biggest disgrace in all of this is with the U.S. Congress failing to work collaboratively to accomplish the nation’s business. Maybe Congressional representatives should be sanctioned as in holding their paychecks until they legislate. Mistakes in government and governance have killed the Middle Class such as:

  • $100 billion in overpayments to healthcare providers for fraudulent claims
  • $Trillion Joint Strike Fighter program, an unnecessary expense
  • $billions spent on excessive Homeland Security resulting from deficient immigration legislation
  • Energy policy that fails to achieve independence and fails to implement renewable energy
  • Grossly excessive foreign policy that drives defense spending

Congressional representatives are vastly professional politicians who are lacking skill, knowledge, experience and proficiency at disciplines required to manage complex government enterprise. American voters need to act to replace them with superior qualified candidates. That will take a change in how we select and elect people to office.

“President Obama has asked for $3.7 billion and increased authority to deal with 57,000 unaccompanied minors from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador who have streamed across the border illegally. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson warned Thursday the number could reach 90,000 by the end of September.
Unlike illegal immigrants from Mexico, these minors are guaranteed a court date by the trafficking law. They are often released to relatives to wait out their pending appeal, a process that results in only 1,800 per year being deported to their countries of origin.”

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