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Change is in the wind. I am reaching for the stars!

The Planetary Cosmos
The Planetary Cosmos
Graphic by Valerie Morrissey

This will be my last post on Examiner and I hope my loyal readers, however few or many there are, will wish me well. I’ve made a decision to consolidate my writing efforts and hope everyone will continue to follow me at Celestial Navigation where I post the forecast every month. I also want to pursue my illustration and calligraphy. Someday I hope to publish an astrology book, currently a work in progress, one like none other that has come before. Keep your eyes peeled for it. It has been a dream of mine to make astrology easier to understand for the average person. You can take it or leave it, but you would be amazed. Astrology continues to be a useful tool in today’s modern world for navigating life’s riddles, rocks and shoals.

Since the Spring Equinox has come and the Sun is now in Aries, it is the start of a new astrological year, a new cycle. This is a good time for the parting of the ways and heading down a new path. I am beginning a new chapter, a new adventure.

Square transits indicate obstacles, challenges, turning corners and changing direction. These are really stepping stones. The Sun in Aries squares my Sun and Cancer planets at this time every year. (You Cancer and Capricorn people remember that.) A few years ago when the Sun, Venus and Mars were in early Aries, squaring my Sun, a close friendship of mine came to an end. We both changed directions and moved on to new adventures. It stung me for a while but then I accepted it gracefully. Also the Sun was in Aries when I first joined Examiner four years ago. It was a new beginning at the time.

As a parting gesture here is what’s happening this week. As you recall, Mars and Saturn are in retrograde. The energies aren’t necessarily difficult just different so try a different approach to things. Whatever house they are in you will have an increased emphasis on that area of life. Example: Mars is transiting in my 8th house and I’ve seen two people close to me pass away last week, one funeral, discussions of estates, distribution of property, a minor home burglary (not my home luckily), and I’ve been house sitting (looking after someone else’s property.) And I’m planning to cash in an IRA so investments are on my mind, also an 8th house issue.

Note the New Moon in Aries on March 30, when the Sun, Moon and Uranus will be in conjunction, square Jupiter, square Pluto and just out of orb of the opposition to Mars. This forms the Grand Cardinal Cross which will be in maximum effect during April and early May. People born under the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) once again will experience major events, changes and urges to say the least. As a Cancer I ought to know. When Uranus is in the mix expect the unexpected. This New Moon will be a very important one. So remember to make a wish on March 30 and visualize your intentions and heart’s desires.

A word of caution: keep in mind the greater good. Meet your challenges, evolve, be all that you can be, but think of doing something worthwhile for others rather than just pleasing yourself.

I thank the people at Examiner for the privilege of sharing my knowledge on the Internet. Namaste!

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