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Turn cracked cuticles from eek to celebrity chic with Yu-Be moisturizing cream

Do you bite your cuticles because they are all cracked and you just have to get that skin off? Well stop it right now. First of all it’s unattractive and secondly it’s health hazardous and you can get bacterial infections. So instead of gnawing away, use a good moisturizer such Yu-Be, a concentrated glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with vitamin E and B2, sodium hyaluronate and camphor that helps heal and hydrate.

Celebrity care
Photo by Bryan Bedder
Go from eeky to chic cuticles with these tips
Photo supplied with permisison to use by Yu-Be

Go from eek to chic by keeping those cuticles in superstar condition says Pattie Yankee, celebrity nail artist to famous fingers of Katy Perry, Pink, Rachael and Allison Williams. “I love how hydrating it is,” says Pattie, “not only does it instantly replenish moisture, it is silky and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.” Yu-Be’s

In order to keep cuticles in check, Pattie also recommends the following:

  1. After showering, using your fingers, push cuticles back when they are still wet. This will train them to stay back.
  2. Apply a high glycerin based cream, like Yu-Be’s, to hands and cuticles throughout the day, especially after showering and before bed.
  3. Never cut cuticles as this will cause the skin to grow back thicker and harder – cuticles also seal in moisture and block germs out of the body. Cuticle cutting is actually illegal in salons in some states, including New York as it is considered a medical procedure.

The Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream is available in 2.5 oz ($25) and 1.25 oz ($16) via

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