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Change comes to The Parish


The Parish is arguably the best-sounding live music venue in Austin. The venue, located in the heart of the 6th Street district, is currently undergoing a face lift as well as making a few behind-the-scenes changes.

The most publicized changes are the upgrades to the room itself. The already superb sound is being upgraded, a lighting desk with brand new stage lighting is being installed, and the whole space is getting a makeover. The changes are slated to be finished in early December.

Rumor has it that management at The Parish is concerned that the venue isn't drawing enough people. To remedy that, there are a couple behind-the-scenes changes you may not be aware of. First, talent buyer Brynn Scott has been replaced by Flip Scene's Gina Chung. Gina is now the primary booking contact for the venue. Second, a handful of tentative and confirmed shows at The Parish have been canceled. These cancellations may mark a change in the way The Parish is positioning itself in the scene. Look for a bigger focus on shows with out-of-town touring acts instead of nights filled with local bands. The full extent and effect of these changes is, of course, yet to be determined.

While off the beaten path for most casual music fans in Austin, The Parish is one of the premiere music venues in town. Regardless of the effects of the upcoming changes, seeing a show at the venue is well worth the trip down 6th Street.