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Change a Pet's Life Day

Change a Pet's Life Day is celebrated nationally on January 24. As the name of the holiday suggests, the community is encouraged to change the life of an animal, whether it's your own or one in need of a home. Here are some ways you can help change a dog's life:

  • Adopt a Dog: In the Northern Virginia area, there are thousands of animals in need of a home. If you've been in need of an animal companion, then adopting an animal is the best way to go. Rescue shelters are cheaper than pet stores, and the animals always come vaccinated and spayed/neutered.
  • Foster a Dog: Many rescue shelters cannot afford to have a physical facility to house all their animals--some rely on volunteers to foster animals while they are waiting to be adopted. Volunteering to foster a dog is a great way for a dog to feel loved while they're waiting to find their forever home.
  • New Year, New Dog: Like most humans, getting active and eating right is a common way to start off the new year. You can do the same for your dog. If you noticed they have gained a lot of weight, or the family was feeding them extra dog during the holidays, then exercising your dog and eating healthier is a step in the right direction.
  • Donate Items to Your Local Shelter: Because animal shelters run on strict budgets and are always seeking donations from the public, then a great way to help out is donating critical items. Some of these items include leashes, collars, towels, dog bowls, food, and much more. Here is a list of items Fairfax County is accepting.
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