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Chandra Ablaze Zendikars newest Planeswalker


Chandra Ablaze, artwork by Steve Argyle

Magic the Gathering’s newest block Zendikar has also released new and powerful Planeswalkers. Originally Planeswalkers were introduced in 2007 under the expansion Lorwyrn. These cards brought on a new dimension to Magic the Gathering. Unlike all other cards, these cards are powerful “co-players”. Much of lore from novels, and articles written about Magic the Gathering describe the players as Planeswalkers; beings of such immense power they can transfer between planes of existence, are ageless, indomitable, and lack the needs of sustenance. These cards represent newly appointed Planeswalkers who are considerably less powerful as normal planeswalkers, but are powerful nonetheless. In game terms these cards act as a second player, granting a special bonus power per turn, and can be attacked instead of the planeswalker’s controller. Each planeswalker has a number of counters on the bottom right hand corner of the card which represents its life total. Structurally, each of these cards has a combination of powers to increase and decrease its life counters, and these powers run the gamut between helpful to game-winning. These cards add a new element to Magic the Gathering and now let us review the three new planeswalkers from Zendikar.

Chandra Ablaze, is the new red planeswalker. Aesthitically, Steve Argyle has done a terrific job representing the power of red burn. Equally so are the potent powers of this planeswalker. Her first ability is a free Flame Javelin which helps immensely in weeding out opponents creatures or weakening your opponent every turn. Her second ability at a -2 cost, allows the player to draw up more cards to use her first ability in tandem with. Her last ability which also works well with the -2 cost is a game-winner. Starting at five counters, and six mana to play, you are looking at a definite win during your eighth or ninth turn. If you are playing a mono-red deck bring out the burn spells (instant and sorcery spells which deal damage to players and/or creatures directly) and put in Zendikars newest planeswalker, you will be eternally satisfied.

Join me later this weekend as I review the next two Planeswalkers: Sorin Markov and Nissa Revane. For more information on Zendikar read my article on its release.


  • oger69smith 5 years ago

    ok im a nitwit apantly.... how do you play the card in a game? i have no idea what to do other then casting cost. haha
    how do i read the abilitys? +1, -2, -7??? & whats w/ the single number where the str. & dam. area???
    please e-mail the answer i need to my yh.