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Chandler Parsons agrees to three-year $46 million, ready to sign with Mavs

Parsons drives baseline in NBA playoffs
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks and Chandler Parsons have agreed to a three-year $46 million offer sheet. According to various reports, Parsons will sign the deal early Thursday morning. Once the deal is signed Marc Stein states, the Houston Rockets will have three days to match the offer. If the move goes through, Houston may have played themselves out of a potentially dominant team.

Chandler Parsons has been with the Houston Rockets since joining the club in 2011, as a second round pick. He turned from a pleasant surprise into a viable scoring threat by his second year in the league. It's something that the Florida Gators knew all along.

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Parsons has an all around game that obviously goes under appreciated when it comes to NBA free agency talk. While Houston was waiting for Chris Bosh to make a decision on a four-year $88 million deal, they had to leave Parsons’ negotiations on the back burner.

Now it seems like the Rockets may miss out on both forwards. However, if they want Chandler Parsons in the organization, they’ll match the offer without hesitation. There’s no doubt that Gordon Hayward’s contract offer by the Charlotte Hornets helped Chandler Parsons get a lucrative deal.

In his third season, Parsons averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and four assists. Parsons also shoots 37% from the three-point line throughout his young career. Yet, the best part of Chandler Parsons game is that he gets better during the postseason.

There's still time for Chris Bosh to make the right decision.

In 12 postseason games, Chandler Parsons increased his scoring to 18.8 while grabbing over six rebounds per night. Parsons’ assists are slightly below his career average, but there’s no question that he shows up in the biggest games.

At 6’9”, Chandler Parsons seems like a great fit for the Dallas Mavericks style of play. He should be able to play with Dirk Nowitzki flawlessly.

In June, Houston had a chance to keep Chandler Parsons for another season for $900,000. Instead, the used the team option to make him an restricted free agent. The alternative was to let him finish his rookie contract, then Parsons would have been free to sign anywhere in 2015.


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