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Chance To Go To College - Scholarships

Attend Meeting - College
Attend Meeting - College
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If you want to go and get a higher education look over the list to see what is available. An education is the key to a higher pay that will benefit your salary for years to come. Hopefully it will help to curve the inflation that is escalating and that will probably continue in the future for years to come. Also high tech jobs and positions are requiring more education. Try and remember that some professions may require a degree or a specialized degree in the field.

Dupont Minority Scholarship Program

  • Human Resources
  • 1007 Market Street
  • Wilmington, Deleware 19898

Eastman Kodak Co.

  • 343 State Street
  • Rochester, NY 14650

George E. Johnson

  • 8522 South La Fayette Avenue
  • Chicago, IL 60620

Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund

  • National Association of Colored Women Clubs
  • 5808 16th NW
  • Washington, DC 20011

Jackie Robinson Foundation

  • Education & Leadership Fund
  • 80 8th Avenue
  • New York, NY 10011

National Legal Defense & Educational Fund

  • Herbert Lehman Educational Fund
  • 10 Columbus Circle, Suite 2030
  • New York, NY 10019

National Merit Scholarship Corp.

  • One American Plaza
  • Evanston, IL 60201

National Scholarship Service & Fund for Negro Students

  • 563 3rd Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11215

Newspaper Fund

  • PO Box 300
  • Princeton, NJ 08540
  • This scholarship is for college juniors.

The Du Pont Minority Scholarship is from a company that is known world wide. They focus in research of upcoming products and a lot of engineering is done at the company. They have a facility in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. If you got a scholarship from them you could probably move up into the company later. They also hire for positions in their administrative offices.

Eastman Kodak is an advance company that would promote filming and cameras. We now have telephones (cell phones) that take pictures and they can be sent over the internet or by your cell phone. They are pioneers in the film industry and camera. Most cell phones or advance high tech instruments use this type of high tech. If you plan to be an engineer or camera taking and promotion this should be company that you should check out for possible scholarships.

Jackie Robinson was one of the first famous baseball players and there is a foundation that is promoting his being the first Black National Baseball player. You don't have to go into the sports field, but it is primarily focused on blacks getting a better education and a chance to succeed.

The Newspaper Fund is as its name states given for students who plan to go into writing and the production of news. Most cities have NEWSPAPER, and TV stations also have the new programs that have to be prepared by writers. There is also the production and printing presses that go into a successful business.

There are also various other scholarships that are available in the article that might interest the student. Some of the scholarships can be applied if you currently are working and want to change professions.

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