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Champaign starting curbside recycling for multi-family residences next fall

In a move to help students and others be able to recycle, the city of Champaign has announced that they will begin curbside recycling next fall for apartment buildings and multi-family residences.

This mirrors what the city of Urbana is currently doing and reinstates Champaign as a community leader in environmental consciousness.

In the 90's, Champaign was a pioneer in the area of curbside recycling, but the program was scrapped at that time unfortunately due to recycling location logistics and other issues. It has since then implemented a better program for the city.

During a meeting with the Champaign city council discussing the issue, Cassie Carrol, a U of I graduate and executive director of the Green Business Association, noted that if the resources were made available to the students, they would very likely use it.